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Dyslexia Teacher Resume

Everybody has the right to become educated. However, not all fall in the same category with reference to intelligence and skills. We usually see some children facing certain physical or mental challenges because of which they are made to study in special schools. For example, blind children study in a school for the blind, mentally challenged in a school developed specially for them, etc. One such challenging state of mind is dyslexia. Children suffering from dyslexia are as other normal children, but they do differ from them in certain scenarios. Although they study in normal schools, they need specific guidance and a little more assistance than other normal children. We might not find special schools for these children, but definitely get to see dyslexia teachers. The dyslexia teacher resume sample given above will help you to understand the same further. However, knowing a little about dyslexia is a must before moving ahead.


Dyslexia is a learning disorder which makes it difficult for an individual to read, write, and learn. A person suffering from this disorder finds it difficult to read and write where he usually writes reverse alphabets, makes rigorous spelling mistakes, etc. With a little more assistance and special efforts, dyslexics can be brought close to normal and some can actually read and write as any other normal student. Lack of attention and reading disability is the most common problem seen in dyslexics.

Teachers working with such students should make sure that they teach them in a way that interests and helps them to retain their attention. Teachers should also make sure that they deal with them with extreme care.

Let us read the resume sample given below to understand the job role further.

Sharon S. Bakers
112 Golden Oak Circle
Hartford, CT 20104
Phone: 258-715-8923

Career Objective:

Willing to relocate to Florida and work on dyslexics to help students suffering from it to ensure a normal life and grab the opportunities of life. I wish to work in an environment wherein such students are treated as special students and not just specially challenged.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 5 years, I am currently employed with Mother Mary Elementary & High School, Hartford, CT. I am currently working with Level 2 and Level 3 students and helping them to cope with writing and public speaking abilities. Prior to this, I worked with Holy Christ Elementary School, wherein I worked with Level 1 students and helped them to overcome reading, attention, and concentration problems.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expertise in dealing with children or grown ups dealing with dyslexia
  • Proven ability of understanding and helping dyslexics as per their understanding and learning abilities and cater to their needs by devising teaching strategies that interest them
  • Expertise in helping in resolving dyslexics, developing special study and activity programs, etc.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent public speaker
  • Expertise in management, team coordination, and leading teams
  • Exceptionally good decision making and analytical skills

Characteristic Traits:

  • Highly optimistic, enthusiastic, and never give-up attitude towards life
  • Confident, self-motivated, and zeal to excel in whatever I do

Computer Skills:

  • Expertise in using MS Office for making documents, notes, presentations, etc.
  • Thorough with audio-visual teaching aid tools

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Mother Mary Elementary & High School, Hartford, CT (2012-till date)
Designation:Dyslexia Counselor & Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the Chief Teacher
  • Counsel individuals suffering or dealing with dyslexia
  • Help parents or guardians of students suffering from dyslexics to understand the problem better and explain them the required steps to be taken to mitigate the problem
  • Take sessions for Level 2 and Level 3 students, devise study programs and activities for them, make presentations and other audio visual teaching aid materials, etc., to make learning sessions interesting
  • Coordinate with other teachers and parents or guardians of such students

Previous Work Experience

A] Holy Christ Elementary School, Hartford, CT (2009-2012)
Designation: Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Help students to cope with writing and reading disabilities
  • Help them to boost their self confidence and public speaking skills
  • Help them to work on their concentration ability
  • Make use of charts, presentations, and other audio-visual aids to plan learning sessions for them
  • Assist them in improving their writing and comprehension
  • Review students' progress and communicate the same with other teachers and their parents or guardians


  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Literature, Mercy Educational University, Hartford, CT - 2009
  • Diploma Course in Specific Learning Difficulties, Institute of Special Learning Programs, Hartford, CT - 2010
  • Achieved Level 2 Qualification in IT and Numeracy - 2011

Flexibility and Mobility:

Willing to relocate to Florida.


Will be provided on request


Sharon S. Bakers

The dyslexia teacher resume sample given above helps us to understand the manner in which a candidate can put forth his candidature for the said post. It also gives an idea of what skills are required for the said post and how one should present the same to the prospective employer. One must remember that the employer will look forward to qualities such as adaptability, teaching skills, caring nature, confident and positive attitude towards life, etc., in the candidates. All these skills bundled with right qualifications and experience makes one a perfect choice for the said position.

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