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Drama Teacher Resume

Dramas, skits, plays, etc., are a part of one's academic life. Many students participate in various extracurricular activities during school and college days. Many also wish to learn these art forms, some with the opinion of pursuing any of them further as a career, while others take them as a hobby.

Many schools appoint full time drama teachers, where they teach the art as a subject in schools. Alternatively, they also appoint these teachers on part time basis, where they work with students for a few months or days before a gathering function or event to prepare them for some drama or skit. Besides schools, drama teachers are also seen working independently and operating their drama classes, where students come to learn the art from them.

To become a drama teacher, one must possess the skill of acting on the stage where there are no retakes. A drama teacher is someone who must know about different stories - fictional and non-fictional and should be a fan of literature while being highly imaginative and creative. Many drama teachers also excel at writing drama scripts. They must also possess a strong hold over communication. Drama teachers usually know more than one language and travel a lot to see and learn from different artists.

If you too possess the same skills and wish to work as a drama teacher, refer to the drama teacher resume sample given below. The sample given below is ideal for a candidate willing to apply for a job in a drama school, high school, or any other related institution.

Brian M. Williams
25th Steele South Street
Waukegan, IL 60525
Phone: 630-662-5846

Career Objective:

Willing to use my expertise and skills as a drama actor to the utmost to train true lovers of this art and help them to excel and reach great heights in their career.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 10 years and relevant experience of 2 years, I am presently employed with Don Bosco Ceaser High School as a full time Drama Teacher. Prior to this, I worked with Whistlingwoods School of Art and was a lead actor in their drama group for almost 4 years out of the total 8 years work tenure with Whistlingwoods. With all this expertise and hands-on experience, I am well-acquainted with the drama industry and thorough at training students in the same.

Summary of Skills:

  • Experienced drama actor – 8 years of experience working as an actor in a drama group
  • Expertise in understanding the characters, emotions, and demand of the script
  • Excellent teaching approach, wherein students not just learn the art but also feel its essence
  • Expertise in communication and proficiency in English, Spanish, and French languages
  • Good understanding of music
  • Well-acquainted with English, Spanish, and French literature
  • Zeal to explore hidden cultural and folk art, stories, real life stories, etc., and represent the same to the world
  • Expertise in script writing

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Don Bosco Ceaser High School, Waukegan, Illinois (2012-till date)
Designation: Drama Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Train students in different aspects of drama
  • Help students to understand the art and pressure of performing in front of live audience
  • Help students to master the art of depicting various emotions on the stage and performing so effectively that the audiences get completely involved in the drama
  • Train students in dialog delivery, voice pitch control, etc.
  • Inculcate a feeling of teamwork and interdependence in students, so as to ensure that the crew acts as one whole unit and not promotes individual interests and performance

Previous Work Experience

A] Whistlingwoods School of Art (2004-2012)
Designation: Lead Actor (2008-2012)
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Act in the drama group of the school
  • Perform different roles on the stage
  • Memorize and recite dialogs and give one-take performances on the stage
  • Coordinate with co-actors and tracery and dress designers to prepare for the final play


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Waukegan, Waukegan, Illinois - 2004

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Active participation in plays and dramas right from the school days
  • Writing drama and class skit scripts during the school days

List of Dramas:

  • A Tale to Remember by A.K. Hugh
  • Love of Athens by S. Williams
  • The Last War by J. Pitt, etc.


Available on prior request.


Brian M. Williams

The drama teacher resume sample given above will help a drama teacher or an actor willing to work as a teacher to draft his resume and apply for the said position.

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