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Biology Teacher Resume

The resume for biology teacher job position should be drafted in such a way that it highlights your achievements. The goal of your resume should be to generate enough interest in the employer's mind to call you for a personal interview. Therefore, it is imperative that your resume is succinct and error free to develop your chances of winning an interview. Remember that there may be many candidates applying for the same position, hence your resume should be unique and exceptional.

Below given is a sample of this resume for your reference.

Mary M. Chartrand
3491 Heron Way
Portland, OR 97204.
Phone: 503-840-1974

Career Objective:

To use my teaching skills and knowledge related to biology for the benefit of students and create interest in biology among the elementary and high school students.


  • Ability to impart sound knowledge of biology effectively to students
  • Proficient in using audio-visual teaching methods
  • Ability to speak and write Spanish, French, and English with considerable command over their written as well as verbal aspects
  • Ability to connect to a younger audience
  • Ability to organize the lesson plans
  • Proficient in laboratory teaching

Work Experience

  1. English school of Appleton, Wisconsin,
    Senior teacher-Biology from 2012 - present
    As a senior biology teacher my tasks involves:
    • Handling the administration of daily lesson plans
    • Organizing biology exhibitions
    • Conducting field surveys with students and collecting samples for laboratory studies
    • Generating interest in students for the subject
    • Maintaining discipline inside and outside the class
    • Answering each and every query of students to the best of the ability

  2. Holy family high school, Denver Colorado
    Biology teacher from 2010-2012

    My tasks involved:
    • Informing students about the importance of biosciences in modern medicine to generate keen interest
    • Conducting intensive laboratory work
    • Helping students with their annual projects
    • Imparting classroom lesson plans

  3. Badger Elementary School, Green Bay
    Science teacher from 2008-2010

    As a science teacher to elementary students my job involved:
    • Teaching students about the basic concepts of science
    • Organizing the annual fairs and exhibitions
    • Inculcating interest in the subject in all students
    • Accompanying students for nature walks and outdoor activities
    • Helping students in completing and understanding the project work assigned to them
    • Maintaining discipline and harmony among students

  4. Biology tutor from 2006-2008

    I took up this assignment while I was completing my master's degree in biology. As a biology tutor, my job was to teach biology to a group of five neighborhood students who were not very inclined to the subject of biology.

    This assignment was to get a hang of the profession that I intended to take up permanently. And, as I had expected, it proved to be a good learning experience for my future endeavors. I was successful in this endeavor as all the students passed with distinction in biology.

Educational Qualifications

  • Master's Degree in Biology from University of Kentucky
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from University of Kentucky
  • Certification in Teacher's Training from TTA of the USA
  • Certified Montessori Trainer from Montessori Training Institute

Personal Interests

  • Reading books and journals based on biosciences and wildlife
  • Traveling and taking notes on the flora and fauna of the places visited
  • Writing notes on the nature of the places traveled
  • Communicating with younger audiences and understanding their perspective


Phyllis R. Perez
President, Teacher's Association America

820 Ripple Street
Roscommon, MI 48653
Tel: 989-783-0591
Email Address:

Mary N. Potter
Principal, Holy family high School, Denver, Colorado

8 Renwick Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Tel: 484-284-4210
Email Address:

Jane J. Oneal
1045 Collins Avenue
Columbus, OH 43213
Tel: 614-860-6238
Email Address:

As we can see in the above example, the resume is concise and communicates to the prospective employer about the achievements and experience of the candidate as a biology teacher in a clear and crystal manner without being redundant and verbose. Also, the resume throws some light on the interests and hobbies of the candidate without sounding too personal. You may customize your resume depending on the type of employment you are looking and applying for. Even in this case, the core facts about yourself should not be altered. Be honest while designing this document because it helps in a great deal during the interview.

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