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Bilingual Teacher Resume

Teachers have to be experts in the subjects they teach in schools or colleges. Not only this, they should also possess expertise in imparting their knowledge to others. We come across many people who are highly qualified and possess immense expertise and knowledge, but they fail to share the same with others because they are not effective communicators. Thus, to work as a teacher, one must posses effective communication skills.

Besides this, some individuals master in more than one language, which further enhances their scope. They are known as bilingual teachers. A bilingual teacher can effectively communicate in two languages, which helps in putting forth one's point of view effectively. Mastering two languages make things simpler when it comes to communicating with students. For example, a teacher possessing expertise in English as well as a regional or local language such as Spanish or German can make use of both the languages to help students understand the concept better. Also, the teacher can work in English as well as German schools, thus increasing the opportunities.

The bilingual teacher resume sample given below further explains the same. Apart from being an expert in two languages, other requirements for qualifying for the post of bilingual teacher remain the same.

Let us read more about the same with reference to a bilingual teacher teaching science in elementary and high schools.

Pearl R. McAbee
256 Meadowbrook Mall Road
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: 310-878-5581

Career Objective:

Wish to use my language skills and subject expertise to create the students' interest in the subject and boost their talent in the field of science. Wish to remove the language barriers that pose a hindrance in the field of education and impart knowledge to all.

Career Summary:

Presently employed with Julia Rodriquez Bilingual Elementary and High School, Los Angeles, CA as a Science Teacher, wherein I teach the science subject to students of grades VI, VII, X, and XI in Spanish and English. Prior to this, I worked with two other schools at the same post. I worked with Anderson Jeff Elementary School, Spain for two years, where the medium of instruction was purely Spanish. I began my career with Peterson Park's Elementary School, Spain, where the language of evaluation and communication was English, but since the local citizens faced difficulty in speaking and understanding English, I had to make use of Spanish while taking sessions in the class.

Professional Skills Synopsis:

  • Expertise in English and Spanish languages
  • Expertise in scientific theories, concepts, practical applications, etc.
  • Well acquainted with the latest developments and advancements in the field of science
  • Expertise in conducting lab experiments and practicals to help students understand the concepts better
  • Expertise in making notes and taking sessions in both languages as per the convenience of students
  • Expertise in training and mentoring students to pursue their ideas and concepts in different science projects and work towards substantiating the ideas
  • Calm and friendly nature which helps in creating a friendly learning environment in the classroom, which in turn makes learning fun filled and interesting

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Julia Rodriquez Bilingual Elementary and High School, Los Angeles, CA (2012-till date)
Designation: Science Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the head of the science department
  • Go through the weekly schedule and conduct sessions accordingly
  • Prepare for sessions based on the syllabus and make notes, course materials, test papers, etc.
  • Conduct lab experiments and make use of audio visual presentations to explain different theories and concepts
  • Conduct regular class tests and revisions, evaluate test papers, assign grades, and provide feedback to students
  • Assign homework and assignments to students, give a deadline for submission of the same, collect and review the assignments, and grade the assignments
  • Make use of Spanish and English to teach the assigned subjects
  • Make sure that the concepts and theories are understood correctly and use the required language, so as to help students understand the concepts of science
  • Provide personal assistance to students who need detailed explanation or face difficulties in understanding the concepts and ideas in the class
  • Help students participate in science projects or exhibitions
  • Assist students in making their science projects
  • Help students to prepare for their exams

Previous Work Experience:

A] Anderson Jeff Elementary School, Spain (2010-2012)
Designation: Science Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Take sessions for students of grades VI and VII
  • Plan sessions based on the syllabus to be covered, practicals and experiments included in the syllabus, etc.
  • Conduct sessions in Spanish
  • Conduct lab experiments
  • Explain different theories and concepts of science, making use of different presentations, static and working models, etc.
  • Draft test papers, conduct tests, evaluate answer sheets, and assign grades

B] Peterson Park's Elementary School, Spain (2007-2010)
Designation: Science Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Take sessions for students of grades IV, V, and VI
  • Explain theories and concepts of science, conduct lab experiments, make use of static and working models of science, etc., to make sessions interesting and simple
  • Evaluate students for their progress by conducting regular class tests
  • Motivate students to participate in and prepare for science exhibitions


  • Master of Education from St. Caplar's University, Los Angeles, CA - 2007
  • Bachelor of Science from St. Caplar's University, Los Angeles, CA - 2005
  • Certified Bilingual Trainer - 2008
  • Certified Spanish Trainer - 2009


Pearl R. McAbee

The above bilingual teacher resume thus explains the job profile of a bilingual teacher. One must understand that just by speaking or proving one's efficiency in two languages, one cannot become a bilingual teacher. To work at the said post, one has to procure the certification or required license, which qualifies one for the same. Thus, make sure that you get your language skills certified and present your expertise to the prospective employer effectively.

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