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Bible Teacher Resume

If you had always cherished the dream to serve God, now you have an option to do so by becoming a Bible teacher. However, keep in mind that serving God demands integrity and you, as a Bible teacher, have to ensure that you always maintain it.

Being a Bible teacher is not as easy as it sounds. Do not assume that it is something you can do without any prior preparation. If you want to catch the attention of your students, it is essential that you spend considerable time in biblical studies, so as to obtain accurate knowledge of the scriptures. Apart from this, it is in your best interest that you study other subjects such as geography, history, and language. This will help you to instruct your students better.

In fact, if you have good command over these subjects, you can explain your students about the different incidents of Christ's life as in when it happened, where it happened, and what were the circumstances in detail. As a Bible teacher, you can seek employment in various Christian schools, but you need a well crafted Bible teacher resume for securing the jobs.

Your resume will get further noticed by your employers if you have had previous experience as a Bible teacher. All you need to do is to explain briefly but distinctly about your work responsibilities in your Bible teacher job description. For a Bible teacher, it is very important to maintain self composure and be compassionate and patient with students. Being ill-tempered and making frequent outbursts at your students will get you nowhere. Self introspection is something you must first practice if you want to create an example before your students.

You have to take your responsibilities very seriously as the future of the church and people's faith in it depends on the teachings of the Bible. Once your recruiter is convinced about your sense of commitment towards the service of God, you can conquer the initial hurdle in your job search.

While writing your resume for Bible teacher positions, you can always refer to this Bible teacher resume sample for further guidance on resume writing. Just follow the pattern used here and customize it according to your requirements. This way, you will be able to follow the correct format, but at the same time, be able to tailor your resume according to your own requirements.

Carlo A. Wynn
Address: 1434 Laurel Lee
Blaine, MN 55414
Phone: 651-792-6806
Email Address:

Career Objective

I am seeking a position as a Bible teacher to spread the teachings of Jesus among the youth and help them understand how their belief in Christ can transform their lives.

Key Skills

  • Known for handling students with ease and generating their faith in the teachings of Christ Jesus
  • Thorough knowledge of different segments of the Bible
  • Successfully inculcated patience and other qualities such as abstinence from temper outbursts among students, etc.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to simplify the teachings of the Bible among young students

Educational Qualification

Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies
Awarding Body - Trinity College
Year of Passing - 2012

Work Experience

Designation: Bible Teacher
Organization: Orangewood Christian School
Duration: February 2012- till date

Bible Teacher Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities

  • Ensured that students learn about the Bible and instill its teachings in their day-to-day lives
  • Motivated students to become good citizens and adhere to God's righteous living
  • Organized weekly chapel programs that invited guest chapel speakers
  • Encouraged students to spread the message of Christ around the world

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Encouraged students to visit the church on Sundays
  • Motivated students to sermonize short sermons before other students
  • Became familiar with the backgrounds of students and showed concern towards them not only during the class, but also in their daily lives


English, German, Spanish


Name: Frank L. Briggs
Designation: Senior Bible Teacher
Organization name: Orangewood Christian School
Telephone number: 585-723-5299
Email Address:

Name: Johnny M. Wade
Designation: Senior Bible Teacher
Organization name: Orangewood Christian School
Telephone number: 305-640-3623
Email Address:

We hope that you will find the path of salvation and indulge in the service of God with ease. We have just attempted to support you in your endeavor and hope that you will be able to derive maximum benefit from it. We wish you success in your journey of life with God!

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