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Band Teacher Resume

A band teacher, often termed as band instructor or band director, is a person who is in charge of musical programs or any other programs, which require a band, conducted in schools, organizations, colleges, hotels, etc. He makes sure that the band members rehearse well, play the music in sync, become well trained, and plan everything properly. Besides managing the band, he also imparts his knowledge of music to the band. He helps the band compose and play music as per the requirements of the program.

He is just like any other music teacher; the only difference is that he is responsible of looking after a specific band. In the former scenario, a teacher teaches music to all students in general, but in latter case, the teacher is responsible only for one particular band. Besides being an expert in music, he should also be capable of handling a band independently and must possess the skill of getting the desired outcome from the band by training, guiding, and managing them in a specific manner.

A band teacher resume, drafted as per the format and requirements of a professional resume, will succeed in clearing the resume screening round. The employer or recruiter does not call all the applicants who send in their resumes for the interview rounds. He screens the resumes and chooses only those which seem most relevant and promising. One such resume sample is given below which has the potential of clearing the screening rounds.

Everett F. Orozco
96 Simpson Street
Peoria, IL 61602
Phone: 309-730-2122

Career Objective:

With utmost expertise and passion towards music, I am looking forward to work with the upcoming bands, so that I can make utmost use of my expertise and help them benefit out of my experience in the same field.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 12 years and relevant work experience of 6 years, I am capable enough of training any band right from scratch. I am well acquainted with the requirements of a band, training approach required for the same, and the commitment and dedication one needs to put in to make a band successful.

My experience has developed my skills further which thus makes me a perfect choice for the said job role. Presently, I am working with Lady Pearl Martin High School, Peoria, Illinois as a Band Instructor. I am responsible for the training and rehearsing of Avon Band of the school and make sure that the band gives its best in any given program or competition.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expertise in making music compositions, handling stage performances, and maintaining a band independently
  • Thorough with the duties of a band director and possess the skills required for the same
  • Expertise in training and conducting rehearsals such that the ultimate performance comes out to be a real success
  • Good team handling skills and well versed with the requirements of a professional band
  • Expertise in identifying potential musicians for the band and training and grooming them in a way that they turn out to be successful performers
  • Thorough understanding of music
  • Good at writing lyrics

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Lady Pearl Martin High School, Peoria, Illinois (2007 - till date)
Designation: Band Instructor
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Manage and train the school's musical band
  • Handle the work of training and rehearsing the band
  • Enroll the band in various competitions and train students accordingly
  • Identify potential students and train them to be a part of the band
  • Conduct auditions and select potential students for the school band
  • Plan rehearsals according to the school's programs, inter school competitions, etc., train the band, lead them, and motivate them to give their best

Previous Work Experience

Prior to working as a Band Instructor, I worked with many famous bands of Peoria such as Castle Crew Rock Band, Soothing Lights Musical Band, Cleora Musical Band, etc., and have given many live performances. I was the lead guitarist and drummer and was also a part of composition and song selection for the performances.


  • Master's Degree in Music, Peoria University of Fine Arts, Peoria, Illinois (2002)


Jim K. Cheff - Lady Pearl Martin High School, Peoria, Illinois
112 Grey Town park City
Peoria, IL- 61605
Ph: 758-845-8024

Rina P. White - Soothing Lights Musical Band, Show Coordinator
25th Brooklyn Bakes Lane
Peoria, IL 61608
Ph: 758-445-2214


Everett F. Orozco

A band teacher resume should thus speak about the candidate's association with various bands, performances given, expertise in music, singing, etc. It should also mention the candidate's skills in handling a band, planning rehearsals, maintaining coordination and discipline in a band, etc.

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