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Ballroom Dance Teacher Resume

Job Description:

A ballroom dance teacher has to undertake the responsibility of teaching course assignments of pre-collegiate levels, but there is no limitation to it. The teacher has to communicate the subject matter with clear and correct terms and in an effective manner. A dance teacher is responsible to adapt methodologies to teach students with special requirements and acquire the ability to teach different learning styles.

A dance teacher has to prepare materials for teaching purposes and prove her organization skills in the assigned areas. She should be a good dancer and able to demonstrate her skills practically to enable students to learn quickly. A ballroom dance teacher has to demonstrate sensitivity, as students can be from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

If working in an institution, the dance teacher has to extend cooperation with the college staff, students, faculty members, and administrators. A dance teacher has to also prepare records of students incorporating important information such as grades, reports, rosters, and performance records and keep them safe for producing the same before the management on demand.

Doris R
249, Carson Street
Carlsbad, CA-92009
Phone: 858-883-1903

Job Objective:

I am looking for the position of ballroom dance teacher in a reputed institution/school to show my professional skills as a dancer and come out beneficial for students as well as the organization.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Great working knowledge as a ballroom dance teacher and ability to become a good instructor
  • Good physical fitness and familiar with social dances too
  • Known to be a good choreographer and have practiced all types of cultural dances
  • Ability to understand various dance styles and forms and familiar with the related music
  • Ability to demonstrate different techniques and methods of dancing
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Known for efficient management and customer care skills while dealing with students

Professional Experience:

Presently working as a ballroom dance teacher in a dance school in Richmond, VA since January, 2012. The associated duties and responsibilities are given below:

  • Took the responsibility of performing classroom planning regarding the goals of dance courses
  • Evaluated and demonstrated the necessary and appropriate methodologies regarding instruction of various dance forms
  • Observed the performances of students and evaluated them and graded students according to the order of merit
  • After the observation, gave useful suggestions for their improvement in performances
  • Accompanied students during dance recitals, events, and theater performances and encouraged them
  • Coordinated and cooperated with students, parents, and management team in resolving all sorts of issues
  • In addition to teaching various dances, trained students in mono acting which is presumed to help in improving the students' performances

Earlier, worked as a ballroom dance teacher in a dance institution in Portland from January, 2009 to January, 2012. The following job responsibilities were discharged during the entire tenure:

  • Evaluated the physical and artistic qualifications of students and planned dance courses according to the requirements
  • Taught students about different dance varieties and forms including ballet, tap, and ballroom
  • Trained individual and groups of students in respect of special and group performances
  • Trained students in ballroom dance competitions and earned laurels for the dance institution

Educational Qualifications:

B.S. Degree in Arts from University of Chicago
M.S. Degree in Dance from University of Chicago


Will be produced on request.

Before entering into the task of preparing a resume, one has to do some research and collect different details about the company and the job requirements advertised. This information can be helpful in designing the resume. You can even keep your old resumes and those of your friends for reference. These can be helpful in crafting a new resume.

When you are applying for ballroom dance teacher position, which requires multiple skills, you have to prepare a ballroom dance teacher resume that attracts the attention of the recruiting authorities. You might have worked in different organizations and your performances may have been reviewed and evaluated by the employers. You can get the copies of such evaluation reports from your previous organizations and make a mention about them while explaining the details in your ballroom dance teacher resume. The quotes from such performance evaluation reports are to be used intelligently in your resume to win an interview call from the hiring managers.

An important point of ballroom dance teacher resume is that it should contain positive details and information about you apart from your skills and achievements. At the outset, do not forget to provide your personal and contact details to facilitate easy approach by the employers.

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