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Assistant Principal Resume

The principal is the highest governing authority of a school. The faculty reports to the principal and her rules and decisions are final. However, a principal cannot function solely and thus, needs the assistance of a vice principal or assistant principal. An assistant principal is a level below in the professional hierarchy and reports to the principal. Besides, in the absence of the principal, she is authorized to take decisions and actions.

In the capacity of the vice principal, one has to coordinate with the staff, keep a track of the school's performance, keep a proper record of the students' progress, coordinate and communicate with parents, get feedback, discuss issues or new ideas, etc., with them, and serve as a mediator between the principal and school staff, students, and parents.

One does not directly gets to work at the said position. After completing the required qualifications and gaining expertise, he gradually moves up to the position of assistant principal from that of teacher. When one works at the said position, he not just needs to be an expert in a particular subject, but should also be aware and possess utmost knowledge of the educational system, requirements, drawbacks, and expectation of the same. He should also have good management skills.

All these expertise and skills combined together makes one a potential candidate for the said position. All of these skills, qualifications, and expertise should be bundled up together and presented in a well written assistant principal resume. Referring to a resume sample, one can get an idea of what and how should the information be presented in the resume to convince the employer of his candidature.

Maria R. Russell
12th Great Garden View Drive
Los Angeles, CA 91985
Phonr: 310-228-4412

Career Objective:

Willing to use my years of experience in the field of education and training and the expertise developed in the same to make education systems and methodologies more meaningful and in sync with the practical requirements of the world.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 14 years and relevant experience of 4 years, I am presently working as the Vice Principal of St. Joseph Elementary and High School, Los Angeles, California. I began my career as a Science Teacher and moved up to be the Head of Department (HOD) of Science. Having developed management, decision making, analytical, and logical skills and made thorough with the educational system of California over the span of 10 years, helped me in a huge way to move up to the position of Vice Principal. In the capacity of Vice Principal, I am authorized for effective functioning of the school and ensuring that the its rules, regulations, and policies are followed effectively.

Professional Skills Synopsis:

  • Excellent knowledge of the educational services of California, teaching methodologies, curriculum designs, etc.
  • Expertise in monitoring and ensuring effective functioning of a school
  • Expertise in formulating policies, coordinating and communicating with students, parents, teachers, etc., understanding their requirements, problems, etc., and working towards improvising the operations
  • Expertise in formulating rules and regulations pertaining to discipline and ensuring that the same is implemented after an approval from the principal
  • Expertise in preparing for school audits and assuring that the teaching techniques and methodologies used in the school remain in sync with the standards put forth by the governing authorities
  • Ensuring that the school provides the best possible facilities for students with reference to library, sports, art and craft activities, etc., and teachers with reference to teaching aids, reference books, training to upgrade and update themselves, etc.
  • Expertise in conducting regular meetings with the staff and ensuring that the staff gets an equal opportunity to speak and express their views

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: St. Joseph Elementary and High School, Los Angeles, California (2010-till date)
Designation: Vice Principal
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the school principal
  • Reach the school on time
  • Ensure that all the teachers are present in the school on time
  • Make weekly schedules for different classes and ensure that the concerned teachers take sessions as per the schedule put up for them
  • Draft weekly tests and revision schedules, ensure that the teachers abide by the same, take regular feedback from the teachers about students' performance in tests, surprise tests, etc., and take feedback pertaining to any improvement required in classroom facilities, library facilities, and teaching methodologies
  • Operate as a link between the staff, students, and the principal
  • Ensure that the students, teachers, and parents' feedback reach the principal as well as make sure that the school's rules and policies are followed accurately
  • Take complete responsibility of the school in the absence of the principal

Previous Job Experiences:

A] St. Louis High School, Los Angeles, California (2005-2010)
Designation: Head of Department - Science
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the principal
  • Take complete responsibility of the science stream of the school, ensure that the lectures are conducted regularly, and communicate with teachers and students to get feedback, discuss issues, etc.
  • Ensure that the science labs are updated with the required equipment and chemicals and make sure that students participate in science exhibitions and competitions
  • Assist the science faculty as and when needed

B] St. Louis High School, Los Angeles, California (2002-2005)
Designation: Science Faculty
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conduct regular sessions in different classes as per the schedule devised by the vice principal
  • Take regular class tests, evaluate test papers and assignments, and provide grades and feedback
  • Divide sessions in theoretical and practical experiment lectures


  • PhD in School Psychology from St. Gobain's University, Los Angeles, California - 2000
  • Master of Education from St. Gobain's University, Los Angeles, California - 1997
  • Bachelor of Science from St. Louis University, Los Angeles, California - 1995


Maria R. Russell

An assistant principal or a vice principal resume will thus speak about the candidate's expertise and skills developed over the years of experience in the field of education. The candidate should be able to put forth the expertise required to work at the said position in a way that the employer could trust the potential of the candidate and thus, think of hiring or considering him for further discussions. If he puts his skills and experience in the cover letter of assistant principal resume in brief, it will give a good impression to the employer and increase the chance of his resume getting shortlisted.

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