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Arabic Teacher Resume

Arabic is a widespread language in many parts of Egypt, Africa, United Arab Emirates (UAE), etc. The language is used extensively in literature, radio and television broadcasting, etc. Thus, it is one of the foreign languages which many wish to learn and master.

Its increasing usage in films, songs, literature, etc., is also creating a curiosity in many people to learn the language. Many who wish to settle down in Gulf countries or work there after completing their education also need to master this language, as almost all people there communicate using the same. This has given a rise to the demand of Arabic language trainers or teachers.

Teachers teaching this language should be experts in spoken and written Arabic and hold first-class language and communication skills. Requirement of other teaching skills remains the same. To apply for the post of Arabic language teacher, the candidate should possess expertise in the said language and also have a well written Arabic teacher resume which presents his proficiencies to the employer.

Robert D. Desantis
3512 Poe Lane
Kansas City, KS 66215
Phone: 913-477-4444

Career Objective:

With thorough expertise in Arabic, English, and Urdu languages, willing to work and impart my language skills to language lovers and the ones who wish to learn the language. Willing to be a part of an institute which gives freedom to alter the teaching techniques and approach such that the language's practical usage is emphasized.

Career Summary:

  • Total work experience of 4 years in language training
  • Presently employed with Voice Language Training Institute as an Arabic Language Trainer, wherein I work with students as well as professionals who learn the language for its effective usage in business communication
  • Previously worked with LNT Language Training Institute, wherein I worked with students aged between 10-20 years, who learned the language out of interest or wished to master in more than one language

Professional Skills Synopsis:

  • Expertise in Arabic, English, and Urdu languages in terms of both written and spoken aspects
  • Excellent knowledge of Arabic literature and well acquainted with English literature
  • Excellent teaching skills and ability to develop an efficient teaching approach based on the requirement
  • Expertise in working as a mentor and guide
  • Well acquainted with the training requirements and course material development required for working at the said position
  • Expertise in training students as per their requirements – for example, someone seeking to specialize in the language for professional reasons will have to develop a professional expertise in the same
  • Expertise in using various audio visual presentations and course materials to make sessions more interesting and fun filled for students
  • Expertise in helping students understand phonetics and actual usage of words, sentence construction, etc.

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Voice Language Training Institute, Kansas City, KS (2012-till date)
Designation: Arabic Language Trainer
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the chief instructor
  • Take 4 batches daily and plan sessions based on the syllabus to be covered in written and spoken communication
  • Train students in phonetics, grammatical sentence construction, verbal fluency, etc.
  • Develop a friendly learning environment in the classroom to help students communicate easily, come up with questions and doubts, discuss doubts and get queries answered, etc.
  • Make use of audio clips to help students gain command over spoken communication
  • Assign assignments to students pertaining to written language practice
  • Help students to pen down their thoughts, concepts, and ideas on paper in the Arabic language and write essays and small stories, so that it strengthens their sentence construction knowledge and written communication
  • Help students to prepare for debates and recitation competitions organized in the institute to boost their confidence of using the language in public
  • Train students in formal written communication in Arabic
  • Conduct regular class tests – oral and written, evaluate test papers, provide required assistance and grades to students, etc.
  • Give assignments wherein the students' written and spoken Arabic language skills can be tested and motivate them to speak in front of the class
  • Conduct exams, evaluate answer sheets, and assign grades

Previous Work Experience:

A] LNT Language Training Institute, Kansas City, KS (2010-2012)
Designation: Language Trainer - Arabic
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Take sessions for students aged between 10-20 years
  • Assist students in mastering in oral and written communication
  • Prepare for the sessions beforehand and keep the course material, presentations, and notes ready
  • Draft test papers, conduct tests, evaluate answer sheets, assign grades, and provide feedback to students to make further improvements
  • Provide special assistance to students who are slow learners and need more guidance and attention
  • Help students in building the confidence of speaking the language fluently by motivating them to recite poems, give speeches, read news for the class, etc.


  • Master's Degree in Education, St. Joseph's University, Kansas City, KS - 2010
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts with dual honors in Arabic and English Literature, St. Joseph's University, Kansas City, KS - 2008
  • Certified Arabic Trainer (English and Arabic) - 2005


David M. Donovan
LNT Language Training Institute, Kansas City, KS
3999 Nixon Avenue
Kansas City, KS
Tel: 971-558-7785


Robert D. Desantis

When one applies for a job, one must understand that there are many others possessing similar skills and expertise in the said field. In such situations, it is necessary that one's candidature is presented effectively and the employer is convinced of one being capable over the others. Thus, presenting the same effectively in a resume, just like the Arabic teacher resume given herewith, helps one in taking a step towards winning the job.

It is always simpler to convince the employer on meeting him in person. In cases where the resume goes directly in the trash bin and does not clear the resume screening round, the candidate is left with no scope to prove one's candidature. This leads to losing of deserving opportunities. Thus, make sure that while applying for a job, you never mess up with your resume and resultantly cut down on all your further chances of getting an interview call.

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