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Aptitude Trainer Resume

Aptitude screening is coming up in a big way as more and more organizations are showing eagerness to indulge in such practices to ensure productive workforce. In fact, several organizations are making it mandatory to promote the screening of job applications through this process. When you seek a new job, your recruiters will try to measure your capabilities through different parameters. For instance, while working for an organization, you might come across different hindrances which, if not solved in the right time, can stagnate work and decrease the overall productivity. It is in these situations that you have to channelize your thoughts in the right direction to find a solution to such crisis.

By using aptitude tests, it becomes easy to analyze the candidate's different characteristics such as problem solving skills, reasoning capabilities, analytical skills, and approach to other tentative critical issues. Hence, there has been such a huge increase in the demand for aptitude training professionals. However, before you attempt to seek jobs in such new pastures, make sure that you are armed with a competitive aptitude trainer resume.

Not only by corporate companies for assessing candidates for a particular position, aptitude tests these days are largely used by educational institutions as well. As a result of this, educational institutes are also emerging as a huge market for those who aspire to become aptitude trainers. Students are tested on different grounds such as their ability to learn, verbal skills, knack for numerical calculations, etc. The ultimate outcome of these tests helps to determine which field of education will be more viable for the candidates.

If you have any previous experience as an aptitude trainer in an educational institute, do not forget to give a detailed review of your aptitude trainer job description in your resume when you apply for a new job in future.

You can get a more vivid idea on resume writing for such positions if you refer to this aptitude trainer resume sample. Your resume should project your thorough understanding of the subject. For example, if you are a newcomer in this field, try to convince your recruiters via your resume about your firm grasp over the concept of aptitude assessment. If you are experienced, recruiters will, of course, expect more from you in terms of aptitude assessment. Make sure that you do not disappoint them and put sufficient effort to craft an effective resume.

Anna T. Chang
Address: 2510 Weekley Street
San Antonio, TX 78231
Phone: 210-408-1105
Email Address:

Career Objective

My objective is to find a suitable position as an aptitude trainer, where I can get an opportunity to put into practice my aptitude testing skills.

Key Skills

  • Meticulous knowledge of reasoning and quantitative techniques
  • Knowledge of application on arithmetic based problems during campus placements
  • Comprehensive study of the emerging trends related to aptitude tests among the companies
  • Well acquainted with the upcoming quantitative concepts
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Educational Qualifications

Post Graduate Degree in Mathematics
Awarding Body - Cambridge University
Year of Passing- 2012

Work Experience

Designation: Quantitative Aptitude Trainer
Organization: Synergy Consultancy Services
Duration: November 2012 - till date

Job Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities

  • Perform aptitude training based on mathematical reasoning
  • Evaluate the performance of candidates on the basis of their aptitude tests
  • Impart training on mathematics according to various requirements
  • Use the audio visual means for better understanding
  • Provide information on data interpretation

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Follow the stated guidelines of the organization intensely while imparting training
  • Provide special assistance to candidates whose performance is mediocre
  • Motivate candidates to enhance their performance
  • Ensure the maintenance of proper discipline among candidates


English, French, Chinese


Name: Nicole J. Truman
Designation: Senior Aptitude Trainer
Organization name: Synergy Consultancy Services
Telephone number: 605-761-1973
Email Address:

Name: David M. Evans
Designation: Manager
Organization name: Synergy Consultancy Services
Telephone number: 847-643-5387
Email Address:

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