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Agricultural Sciences Teacher Resume

Teaching has been evolved in more ways than one over a period of time, as a number of different subjects are making an entry into the educational setup. Various new subjects are being introduced, which is creating a demand for skilled teachers. A teacher today is an integral member of the society, as she not only carves out the careers of future professionals, but also awakens the society to the new emerging subjects.

It is because of the immense contribution of efficient teachers that the students are able to learn more about important subjects such as agricultural sciences without any hassle and gain knowledge about them. However, before you commence any groundwork for becoming a professional agricultural sciences teacher or try to change your existing job make sure that you are equipped with a good agricultural sciences teacher resume.

As an agricultural sciences teacher, you will have to teach your students about horticulture, animal husbandry, and agricultural sciences. For those who intend to take up farming or indulge in any research related to agriculture the subject of agricultural sciences is a big boon. You as a teacher have to ensure that the candidates who are eager to pursue this subject benefit from your knowledge of the subject matter.

Your resume should be drafted in such a manner that your agricultural sciences profile details send a clear message to the recruiters about your experience in research and teaching. You also need to highlight your educational qualifications in your resume. If you have any previous job experience or are currently working with a college, do not forget to specify that in your resume. Recruiters are often sceptical about new people and want to check their background properly before appointing a person. Hence, make sure that you include one or two references in your resume, so that your recruiters can get in touch with them if required.

Often, many people face hesitation or reluctance while drafting their resumes. Sometimes, they simply cannot understand from where to begin and end up, being confused about the entire process. In case you are facing the same dilemma, you can now find a suitable solution by referring to this agricultural sciences teacher resume sample.

John G. Hubbell
Address: 2204 Douglas Dairy Road
Johnson City, VA 37615
Phone: 276-492-8476
Email Address:

Career Objective

To pursue my career as an agricultural sciences teacher and work for an agricultural college to spawn the interest of the students in agriculture and other related subjects.

Key Skills

  • Well informed about the basics of agricultural sciences
  • Ability to customize the methods of teaching according to the needs of students
  • Good command over verbal and written communication skills

Educational Qualification

Doctorate Degree in Agricultural Science
Awarding Body - University of Illinois
Year of Passing- 2012

Work Experience

Designation: Agricultural Sciences Teacher
Organization: College of Agriculture Sciences, Penn State University
Duration: January 2012 - till date

Agricultural Sciences Teacher Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities

  • Imparting lectures on agricultural sciences to students
  • Assisting students during the laboratory practical classes
  • Teaching students about the different agricultural techniques through various experiments
  • Working towards the development of curriculums for agricultural sciences stream
  • Taking active part in the research work to develop new crop varieties and coming up with proper fertilizer usage methods to improve soil quality
  • Monitoring the students' behavior within the campus

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Participating in seminars to attain knowledge of new agricultural techniques
  • Guide students during campus placements
  • Accompanying students when they go on excursion trips
  • Keep a record of the students' attendance, annual grades, and other relevant details


English, French


Name: Jean P. Graham
Designation: Senior Agricultural Sciences Teacher
Organization name: College of Agricultural Sciences
Telephone number: 412-261-6160
Email Address:

Name: Brandon A. Arnold
Designation: Senior Agricultural Sciences Teacher
Organization name: College of Agricultural Sciences
Telephone number: 301-582-0251
Email Address:

We hope that with this resume sample for the agricultural sciences teacher position, you will no longer face any hurdle in resume writing. We are confident that, if you stick to the format provided by us, your candidature will impress the recruiters at the first glance and you will reach the shores of success without any difficulty. Resume writing simply requires your time and patience. If you can put your career information in a synchronized manner, you will develop an impressive resume in no time!

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