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Adjunct Professor Resume

The education sector has emerged out as a field which offers employment to several people. However, with a view to get a job in this sector, you now have a choice to select the job profile in which you feel most comfortable. Generally, when it comes to universities, people usually tend to associate such educational institutions with full time professors, who are employed under a particular university. Apart from teaching students, these professors have to perform different administrative duties when the situation demands. If you are interested in teaching but reluctant to indulge in a full time job schedule, you now have an option to take up a part time teaching job. This is possible only if you choose to become an adjunct professor.

In order to become a part time professor, your adjunct professor resume should fulfill the basic educational requirements demanded by the position. Several universities are keen to hire such professors because budget wise, such a recruitment is beneficial for them. It also gives universities a scope to appoint the much needed faculty members when there is a sudden shortfall of expert teaching staff for a particular subject. Of course, if you choose this position, you will not be entitled for the health and retirement benefits sanctioned to full time employees.

Nevertheless, being an adjunct professor, you can enjoy the advantage of having flexible work hours. This leaves you with ample time to pursue your other interests, if any. You can also leave the job whenever you want and at your own will. In addition, if you have made up your mind to become a full time professor someday, your adjunct professor job experience can be considered as a valuable one by your future employers.

When you select the job profile of adjunct professor, you have to remember that there are several other responsibilities you have to undertake if you become a part of an educational system. You also have to play an integral role in the social development and personal growth of your students. You are like the guiding angels in their professional lives and have to show them the way to success. In fact, these are like some of the unsaid commitments towards your work which you always have to bear in mind.

You will get a fair idea on how to write a resume if you follow this adjunct professor resume sample.

Charmaine P. Jennings
Address: 347 Davis Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 707-705-8586
Email Address:

Career Objective

To seek an adjunct professor position in a progressive institution, where I can pursue my ambition to teach young minds and groom them accordingly for their future.

Key Skills

  • Well experienced in teaching English literature to students
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent oratory skills - presented research papers across different universities
  • Known for igniting young minds and generating their interest in literature
  • Ability to handle students efficiently

Educational Qualifications

Doctorate Degree in English Literature
Awarding Body - University of California
Year of Passing- 2012

Work Experience

Designation: Adjunct Professor of English Literature
Organization: Saint Leo University
Duration: February 2012 - till date

Adjunct Professor Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities

  • Developing lesson plans keeping in mind the target course content
  • Crafting a draft for the course syllabus
  • Selecting course materials, adhering to the university guidelines
  • Handing out assignments to students
  • Grading students according to their performance

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Provide all the necessary assistance to students to accomplish their academic goals
  • Organize seminars for the faculty members and students.
  • Help professors as and when they need help
  • Maintain discipline in the classroom


English, French


Name: Shirley J. Ramirez
Designation: Head of the Department (English)
Organization name: Saint Leo University
Telephone number: 602-851-1955
Email Address:

Name: Wendy J. Lawing
Designation: Senior Professor, English Department
Organization name: Saint Leo University
Telephone number: 425-227-6326
Email Address:

We hope that this resume sample will prove to be a boon for your career and help you to land your dream job. Wherever you go, whatever job you seek, the importance of a well written resume can never be ruled out. In fact, a resume can become your key to success if you pay proper attention while drafting it. However, if you remain ignorant and undermine its significance, you would face penalization and most probably would have to encounter rejection from the hands of your potential employers.

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