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Activity Teacher Resume

An activity teacher resume illustrates the candidate's proficiency in providing instrumental coaching, physical education, craft, drawing, or vocal training, where the teaching may be associated with schools, colleges, private institutions, or community based establishments. Where the students come from different backgrounds, the nature of job is also diverse, incorporating several aspects to ensure their smooth progression in terms of learning.

In order to project your profile as a highly desirable one, you need to connect your expertise to the vision of the institute by being specific to the requirements laid down by the employer. And, this calls for the omission of less significant details pertaining to the employment; only those skills that match the core aspects of this profile need to be included in your skills section and all the general job roles that you've played need not be discussed. Ideally, the length of a resume should be restricted only to a page, thus facilitating a quick, personalized, and highly informative reading experience; nonetheless, this is not an obligation.

You need to gather the fundamental details as to what the employers expect from you as a potential employee. You need to indicate through your qualities the benefits that you will hold for the institution once employed. Your job application comprises of your resume and cover letter, where the latter is more personal and introduces the reader to your application. The primal parameter for a successful resume says that it needs to be employer-centered in order to capture the reader's attention. Same is the case with your cover letter. You need to use your application as a tool to bridge the gap between your interests and the employer's vision.

Career Objective

Begin your resume by stating your contact details followed by a career objective, which not only introduces your reader to your interests, but also acts as an effective title to your resume. As shown below in the sample of activity teacher resume, strive to form efficient sentences that help bring together various important elements of your portfolio. Choose to include your current designation and area of expertise or maybe your total experience, so that while you express your longing for the opportunity, you also provide a brief introduction for your profile.

Summarize Your Profile

Following the objective, if you include a profile summary which covers all the important elements pertaining to your work experience then you create optimal chances for delivering a quick, yet highly informative, reading experience. The recruiters expect to see the core aspects of your previous job profiles, where they are well aware of the general job responsibilities concerning those positions or profiles. So, you need to eliminate all the general administrative and clerical functions that you have carried out, as a result of which you will be able to incorporate all the significant details within 6-8 bullet points.

It is best to contact the company and discuss your application with one of the recruiters, as it will give you a clear idea of their requirements and you may then organize all the information accordingly. Refer to the activity teacher resume sample given below and take tips for forming efficient sentences, omitting those phrases that are not required.

Since you have summarized your profile, you don't need to include your previous job descriptions in the employment history. This indicates that you have taken substantial efforts to enhance your resume and thus, the reader or reviewer of your resume will be left satisfied with its quality. You need to personalize your application and design in such a way that it holds specificity to your employment situation. Educational details need not be elaborated; simply include the basic details as shown in the example below.

You may also include the details of any accomplishments, regardless of whether academic or professional, as long as they hold relevance to the job you are seeking. In such cases, you may include these details in the profile summary or feature them in a separate section, following the educational details. You may even list them next to the details of the academic institute or the employer with which your achievements are associated. However, do ensure that they match the employer's needs.

Given below is a free resume sample for an activity teacher. Observe the layout carefully and understand how the contents are arranged, so as to achieve perfection in customization and uniformity in the flow of information. Remember that you also need to include a cover letter, which introduces your profile and interests to the recruiter.

Betty M. King
12 Reppert Coal Road
Livonia, MI 48150
(586) 822-7011


Activity Teacher who is experienced in teaching music and the principles of sound technology. Seeking an opportunity to provide instrumental training to students of all ages while ensuring continuous self-development within the profession.

Profile Summary:

  • Self-taught Musician/Writer/Songwriter, practicing music since 14 years with a total teaching experience of over 3 years
  • Planned study programs based on individual preferences and learning abilities, developed modules, and provided lessons to pupils of the age range 13-35
  • Developing repertoire for students to assess their place in different stages of musical development and thus, optimize the course of progression
  • Conducted individual as well as group lessons with a duration of class ranging from 20 minutes to a little over an hour, incorporating elements such as understanding sounds through ear training, technicality of the instruments, and interpretation of lyrics or songs
  • Performed the collection of fees from students and designed examinations and test papers
  • Introduced students to various opportunities to perform during festive seasons and prepared them for concerts or performances by conducting examinations and auditions
  • Established and maintained healthy relationships with local musical services and nearby schools providing music education with the aim to find work for highly skilled music students
  • Worked with several musicians from around the state or nation to perform in events such as choir singing, blues and jazz concerts, orchestra performance, etc.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Sound understanding of the fundamentals of music technology
  • Proficient in scheduling lessons and managing the student database
  • Familiar with the acquisition and use of music related software tools such as Sibelius, Cubase, and FruityLoops
  • In-depth knowledge of the recording techniques with an ability to implement them effectively
  • Highly efficient in conducting performance assessment and developing individual as well as group training programs
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, facilitating smooth interaction with students and regulated management of the academic institution

Work Experience:

2011 - 2014
Contemporary Art Institute - Detroit, MI
Activity Teacher

2009 - 2011
Crane Gray Inc. - Southfield, MI
Content Editor


Associate's Degree in Academic Management, 2009
Marygrove College - Detroit, MI
Secured 72%

Bachelor of Arts (English), 2007
Devry University - Southfield, MI
Placed in grade B+


Available on request

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