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Acting Teacher Resume

Films, dramas, theater, etc., are very much a part of our entertainment. We love to watch our favorite actors giving applauding performances. We love to see the actors give brilliant shots and scenes that touch our hearts. However, not all are born actors. Even if they are, they need to be trained to act as per the requirements of the camera.

An acting teacher is responsible for the same. Many actors pursue an acting course from renowned training institutes, where they are trained in acting, dialog delivery, displaying the emotions on screen, accent training, dance, etc. All these factor make up to produce a perfect actor. Acting teachers work with acting schools or set up their independent schools. In some cases, they also work with schools and colleges which promote extracurricular activities such as acting and provide their students with the required mentoring in the same.

An acting teacher is usually an experienced actor, director, theater artist, etc. This practical experience is the key to teach significant acting lessons. Unlike other subjects, there are no books or theories for learning this art. It is only the practical experience that can help. In order to help the aspiring candidates draft a perfect resume to get an opportunity to work with some of the best acting schools, we have shared an acting teacher resume sample below.

This resume sample will provide a perfect resume format and help you to understand the required information that needs to be presented in the document.

Brad T. Fluke
111 Grapevine Yard Street
Waukegan, IL 60088
Phone: 887-555-5846

Career Objective:

Having worked in documentary films and completed a considerable span of my career in acting and direction in commercial cinema, I am looking forward to help the aspiring actors to excel and achieve great heights in their careers by putting forth an unmatched excellence at work.

Career Summary:

With a total career span of 15 years in the field of acting and direction, I am currently working with Creative Wings School of Acting, Waukegan, Illinois. Having spent a considerable span of my career as an actor in documentary films and commercial cinema, I have gained hands-on experience in acting. I have also worked and assisted some of the famous directors of the industry. All these expertise and experience bundled up together make me a perfect mentor for the budding actors.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellence in screenplay, camera facing, and dialog delivery
  • Trained Salsa, Contemporary, and Rumba dancer
  • Expertise in the English language and proficiency in German and Spanish
  • Thorough with the direction techniques and have successfully directed a couple of ad films and documentaries
  • Assisted in commercial cinema direction
  • Expertise in live performances, emotional display, and voice pitch control required to give excellent performances
  • Expertise in script editing
  • Well-acquainted with the pressure of completing shoots on time and train students in a way that they are made ready to face the real professional world

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Creative Wings School of Acting, Waukegan, Illinois (2009-till date)
Designation: Acting Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Mentor and train students in acting, dialog delivery, and dancing
  • Work in coordination with vocalists and choreographers and help students work accordingly
  • Help students understand the requirements of script, emotional display, character engulfing, etc., to give an incredible performance
  • Evaluate students by conducting mono skits and asking students to give solo or group performances
  • Prepare students for various theater and drama roles and help them to gain hands-on experience in live acting

Previous Work Experience

(2004 - 2009)

  • Directed a couple of ad films and documentaries
  • Assisted famous directors such as Mark Ted, Louis White, and Martha Stuart in the direction of various movies

(1994 - 2004) Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Worked as an actor in many documentary films
  • Worked as a part of many successful commercial movies
  • Gave live performances and worked in coordination with the co-actors and crew
List of some successful roles and movies in my kitty:
  • The Knight, a documentary based on the research work of J. K. Mark - Played the role of King Spear
  • Seven Things - Played the award-winning role of K. Peters, a journalist from Florida
  • Might Marshall, an award-winning movie - Assisted K. Parx in direction


  • Certified Actor from Spielberg School of Acting (1993)


Available on prior request


Brad T. Fluke

The acting teacher resume sample given above proves effective in putting forth the candidature of a candidate who is willing to work as an acting teacher. The resume provides a good blend of the candidate's professional experience, expertise, and qualifications, which to a great extent proves successful in convincing the employer of his candidature.

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