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Academic Intervention Teacher Resume

Teaching as a profession has many job options to choose from such as that of academic intervention teacher. From the sample of academic intervention teacher resume shared below, interested candidates would be able to get the desired information that is useful in judging their aptitude and eligibility for the job.

Interested candidates or others looking for information on the job profile would find the below shared resume sample helpful. Such descriptive and reliable resumes act as an effective source to get quick access to the relevant information, presented in a precise and professional manner. Effective execution of the information shared along with personal ideas can certainly make your resume a unique and outstanding one among the lot, thereby bringing it into the limelight and optimizing its chances of being reviewed by the employers.

The below given academic intervention teacher resume sample is that of Brian D. Johnson, a candidate with prior experience and relevant qualifications which make him suitable for the position. You may argue that a master's degree in developmental psychology may not be required for the job, but after carefully analyzing the job responsibilities of an academic intervention teacher, you would find that it is helpful in delivering the job responsibilities effectively and with optimized results.

On the same lines, all such relevant credentials which may be helpful in the satisfactory fulfillment of the assigned responsibilities, whether directly or indirectly, should be carefully included in the resume and duly highlighted for getting the desired attention. Candidates must also observe the information flow carefully, which should be smooth and able to easily transfer the employer's attention to specific sections as desired. Even the inclusion of profile and core competencies right at the beginning has many benefits and is intentionally included there. It not only grabs the employer's attention, but also saves his time to review your resume in depth – an important consideration especially for the initial stage of the shortlisting process where time is limited.

A lengthy, complicated, and poorly presented resume can act as a deterrent for the employers to review your application for the academic intervention teacher job and thus, cost you a much desired opportunity. If you observe the academic intervention teacher resume example carefully, you will observe that it is designed with an employer's perspective keeping his requirements in mind, which makes it provoking and effective.

For more information, we would suggest that you thoroughly examine every section of the resume example given below.

Brian D. Johnson
614 Tail Ends Road
Neosho, Wisconsin - 53059
Phone: (920) 625 5960


(3+ years experience, AIS teacher certification, student counseling, development psychology, and curriculum design)

Career Goal:

Looking for opportunity to work with a reputed college as an AIS teacher, where I can bring my skill sets, expertise, and knowledge to optimum use to help students improve their performance and enhance my professional growth.

Career Summary:

An adept certified AIS teacher with more than 3 years of experience in mentoring students of all age groups. I have worked with reputed schools, colleges, and universities and helped them to improve the performance of their students in academics. I have been an active member of PTAs (Parent teacher associations) and have even counseled students and their parents to help improve their academic performance. Being a child developmental psychologist, I have gained significant exposure to various child requirements and helped institutes and parents to develop curriculum and activity plans for their wards to ensure holistic development.

Professional Exposure

Academic Intervention Teacher (2012 - To present)
Wisconsin Lutheran Junior College, 8800 W Bluemound Rd., Milwaukee, WI
Job Profile

To counsel students and guide them for improving their performance in academics and other fields.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Maintain a record of students' performance and conduct strategic analysis for analytical studies to observe deviations from performance course
  • Mentor academically the weaker students for addressing performance issues and preparing alternate strategies
  • Coordinate with class teachers for the effective execution of developmental plans
  • Coordinate with parents and other teachers for ensuring a comprehensive development of students
  • Coordinate with external organizations for providing students with developmental programs at the college
  • Study the academic pattern and curriculum followed at other colleges for improving the college programs
  • Maintain a record of all students enrolled for the intervention program and monitor their performance
  • Assist teachers working under the intervention program for effectively carrying out the assigned responsibilities

Associate Teacher (AIS) (2011 - 2012)
College Park Elementary School, 5701 W College Ave., Greendale, WI
Job Profile

Responsible for designing and developing an academic curriculum for high school students, keeping in mind their holistic development.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Developed the intervention program in line with the academic curriculum
  • Monitored the development of students enrolled for the program
  • Conducted stress and depression counseling for students, especially during exams and for difficult subjects
  • Assisted in establishing performance benchmarks for students
  • Coordinated with parents to ensure the effective implementation of the intervention program

Professional Skills:

  • Certified AIS teacher
  • Active member of parent teacher associations
  • Successfully counseled students and their parents to help them improve their academic performance
  • Certified child developmental psychologist
  • Developed curricula and activity plans for weaker students
  • Assisted in preparing holistic development plans for students
  • Effectively mentored students of all age groups

Personal skills:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Working knowledge of MS Office
  • Organized work approach
  • Teaching and counseling/mentoring skills
  • Motivational skills

Academic qualifications:

M.Sc. (Masters of Science) Developmental Psychology
(2009 - 2011)
University of Wisconsin-Washington County, 400 S University Dr., West Bend, WI

B.Ed (Bachelors of Education)
(2006 - 2009)
Carroll University, 100 N East Ave., Waukesha, WI


Oliver A. Kleist

Wisconsin Lutheran College
8800 W Bluemound Rd.
Milwaukee - 53048
Tel: (920) 147 0101


I confirm that all the details provided in this resume are true. If required, I would be presenting relevant supportive documents in original as proof for legitimacy of the credentials shared, failing which my candidature could be canceled.

Name: Brian D. Johnson

Signature: ####Date: July 1, 2012Place: Neosho, WI

The above given academic intervention teacher resume sample can help applicants to prepare a personalized and impressive resume, which can not only grab the employer's attention, but also convince him to call the applicants for an interview.

We hope that with the customization information and sample of academic intervention teacher resume shared on this page, the candidates would be able to present their best candidature and win their preferred job opportunity. However, they may always explore other resume examples as well for more ideas and information.

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