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ASL Teacher Resume

A common problem in writing a resume is being ignorant of – what to write, how to start, and how to organize the data. Well, if you are facing the same problem then no doubt you are in the process of researching the best and most effective resume writing tips. This ASL teacher resume example will clarify your doubts on writing a resume effectively. It defines the key parts that form the basis of any professional resume. The technique applied in this sample is easy to comprehend. It throws an overall idea on the kind of information the recruiters look for. The objective section of the sample is effective enough to convince the reader about the professional experience and expertise of the applicant. You can make your resume as effective as possible with the help of the sample provided here.

An ASL teacher is a sign language teacher who is highly skilled in educating deaf students in the use and understanding of sign languages. The goal of a sign language teacher is to help deaf children in overcoming the difficulties faced in life and in the school environment. ASL in general refers to American Sign Language and this language is used by the North American people.

The day-to-day responsibilities of an ASL teacher include teaching sign language to students, developing teaching procedures that foster students in learning sign languages effectively, developing sign language courses, assessing the learning capabilities of students, evaluating the performance of students, planning the course syllabus, maintaining contact with parents, developing and implementing lesson plans, planning activities to improve student learning styles, identifying learning strategies and teaching aids that meet teaching-learning goals, executing the modification of curriculum when required, determining instructional methods and goals, using standard technologies to improve student learning skills, providing one to one assessment of students, and coordinating with teachers and school staff in establishing standard teaching plans and objectives.

The job of an ASL teacher requires a bachelor's degree in American Sign Language. It is mandatory to have good knowledge of instructional technologies, American Sign Language curriculum development, American Sign Language basic gestures and teaching procedures, etc. The role demands excellent written, organizational, communication, and teaching skills.

Jas Miller
7645 ET, 34th SHN Rd
Arverne, New York 11692
Phone: (555)-872-9270

Career Goal:

Seeking a responsible position as an ASL teacher, wherein my expertise in this field can be utilized towards effective learning of sign languages in a renowned educational institute for the deaf.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Well versed with American Sign Language and related subject curricula and teaching procedures
  • Extensive knowledge of sign language instructional methodologies and basic gestures
  • Effective classroom management, teaching, and monitoring skills
  • Ability to communicate proficiently with excellent organizational and management skills


2007 - 2010: Bachelor's Degree in American Sign Language, New York

Professional History

Language Learning, NY 2012 - Present
ASL Teacher

  • Planning and distributing syllabi that contain assignments and course requirements
  • Shouldering the responsibility of grading students' level of learning by using various assessment techniques
  • Performing the task of developing measures to provide safe classroom and effective learning environment for the students
  • Developing standard teaching procedures that foster effective learning of sign languages
  • Handling the task of preparing attendance report and records and assisting the educational faculties in preparing the academic calendar
  • Performing the responsibility of educating about the use of sign languages by using standard educational methods

Institute of Advance Language, NY 2010 - 2012
ASL Teacher

  • Handled the task of developing and implementing lesson plans to meet the educational goals and objectives
  • Performed the responsibility of identifying the students' needs and developing effective classroom management procedures
  • Executed the task of teaching courses as defined in the educational curriculum and policies
  • Prepared lesson plans and provided instructions to students in various areas of learning
  • Handled the responsibility of evaluating and monitoring the performance of students

You may need to think over and over again to make your resume effective. It is easy to write a resume, but not that easy and simple to get an instant response. The sample updated in the page is an appropriate example of writing a resume that gets a prompt response. The structure and outline meet the standards of professional resume writing. Have a quick review of the sample to know what an effective resume is all about as well as the techniques of making a resume effective.

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