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AG (Agriculture) Teacher Resume

The economy of any country cannot flourish without proper emphasis on agriculture. If a country is self-sufficient in agriculture, it does not have to depend on other countries for the import of food grains and can satisfy the requirements of its existent population with ease. Therefore, many countries prefer to devote sufficient funds for enriching their agricultural production and research. However, research and increase in the agricultural output also depends on how well informed the farmers are about the new techniques used for agricultural production.

In order to educate the farmers and students who want to pursue a career in agriculture, it is important to have good AG teachers to teach them about the different aspects of agriculture. These AG teachers are widely employed by different agricultural colleges and are very much in demand. If you want to become an AG teacher, it will be in your interest if you apply for such positions with a well written AG teacher resume.

A resume will make your task of searching a job easier. You may wonder how a resume can play such a crucial role in shaping your career if you are already suitably qualified for the position. You will find the answer to your question if you interact with some of the job seekers who have got their respective jobs on the basis of their previous AG teacher job description. This gave the recruiters an opportunity to understand whether the prospective employees are aware of the responsibilities which come along with such positions.

In fact, the way you portray your candidature in the resume enables the recruiter to analyze your skills, ability to tackle problems, and other qualities and also gives him an idea about your areas of expertise. Once the recruiter is convinced about your efficiency, no one can stop you from getting an interview call. There are many candidates who have lost their golden opportunities because they failed to understand the significance of a good resume.

If you wish to avoid such occurrences in your own career then perhaps you should gear yourself up and prepare a well phrased resume before you jump into your job search. We too shall try to assist you in your pursuit by providing you with a perfect AG teacher resume sample to give you an insight into resume writing.

Silvia F. Snook
Address: 2517 Prospect Valley Road
Burbank, CA 91504
Phone: 310-936-5958
Email Address:

Career Objective

I am seeking a position in your company as an AG teacher, as I am looking forward to pursue my career in the teaching sector and educate my students about the methods used to improvise their agricultural production.

Key Skills

  • Intense knowledge about agricultural science and related technologies
  • Thorough acquaintance with the materials and tools that can be used while teaching
  • Keeps abreast with the new techniques introduced in agriculture
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written

Educational Qualification

Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture
Awarding Body - University of California
Year of Passing - 2012

Work Experience

Designation: AG Teacher
Organization: Milwaukee Public School
Duration: January 2012 - till date

AG Teacher Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities

  • Educating students about agriculture and informing them about the efficient management of other food and natural resources
  • Preparing the course curriculum for students
  • Helping students understand more about plant genetics and agricultural production
  • Assigning researches, projects, class work, and other assignments to students
  • Guiding students on their subject of research and providing necessary assistance for project completion
  • Evaluating their progress in the class and giving feedback on their performances

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Arranging field trips for students when required
  • Organizing agricultural fairs, competitions, and other programs for students to enlighten them more about their subjects
  • Promoting self-participation in workshops and seminars to learn about the newly introduced technical inventions in agriculture
  • Establishing discipline - both within the classroom and premises of the institute


English, French, German


Name: Patricia C. Oliver
Designation: AG Teacher
Organization name: Milwaukee Public School
Telephone number: 920-707-0684
Email Address:

Name: Lyndsay D. Vanderpool
Designation: Member of the School Committee
Organization name: Milwaukee Public School
Telephone number: 603-561-4532
Email Address:

We hope that you are now fully conscious about the requirements for AG teacher positions and able to crack the job interview of your choice at the earliest. We sincerely hope that our efforts in resume writing will help you to drive your career in the right direction and bring satisfaction in your job search.

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