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Tractor Trailer Truck Driver Resume

A driver has to hold several responsibilities associated with his job profile. If you want to hold these responsibilities and are eager to become a driver then you should be an individual with sound mind and personality. It's not very easy to drive a vehicle on road as it seems. It is also the responsibility of a driver to take care of other people and vehicles present on the road. While working as a driver, you should be capable to deal with the unusual situations that come in the way.

Moreover, the job of a driver includes many complexities. A person working as a driver has to sit behind the steering wheel of the vehicle for approximately 11 hours. He should also be physically fit to drive the vehicle efficiently and repair it at the time of a flat tire or minor breakdowns.

There are many skills needed for a professional working as a driver. Good driving is the first required skill for this profession and a person working at this position should be knowledgeable about the mechanical parts of the vehicle. He should possess the basic knowledge of the mechanism of the vehicle. Besides, he should be able to do minor jobs such as greasing and oiling. He should also be able to check the tires, brakes, oil, water, etc., and make sure that every element of the vehicle is present in sufficient amount.

Any experience in this sector would be quite helpful in your selection for an interview. It serves as an important factor in your selection when you apply for such jobs. An experienced candidate is hired first as compared to the inexperienced ones. Possessing experience in any of the sectors shows that you have previous knowledge of a particular sector and this matters when you apply for a job. There are many driving profiles available such as car driver, taxi driver, truck driver, van driver, tractor driver, tractor trailer truck driver, etc.; you can choose any one of the profiles and become a driver.

Now, if talking specifically about the tractor trailer truck driver job position, you can apply for it with a finely drafted resume. A tractor trailer truck driver holds many responsibilities such as inspecting the truck before and after the trips, assisting the workers in loading and unloading the truck, preparing bills, getting customer feedback, delivering the goods on time, etc. It would be beneficial if you refer to some samples before writing a resume for such a job profile.

Danny G. Johnson
4631 Carolyns Circle
Plano, TX 75074
Phone: 733-542-8822
Email Id:


Looking for the position of Tractor Trailer Truck Driver in an esteemed organization. Seeking a challenging role with this position, where I can apply my skills and knowledge.


  • Good communication skills in the English language
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Highly skilled in driving large vehicles
  • Able to cope with the minor problems associated with the vehicle
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Good at mathematics and counting cash
  • Aware of the traffic rules and regulations

Work Experience

Company: Dripcode Incorporations
Designation: Tractor Trailer Truck Driver
Duration: September 2012 to till date


  • Holding the responsibility of loading and unloading the truck
  • Driving the vehicle safely to the customer's destination
  • Following the traffic rules and regulations strictly
  • Being aware of the state, national, and international loading and unloading process and procedures
  • Delivering the products on time
  • Managing the aspects related to DMV requirements and vehicle registration
  • Getting the delivery receipts signed by the customers

Company: Sumdox Incorporations
Designation: Truck Driver
Duration: July 2010 to August 2012


  • Drive the vehicle to the assigned destinations
  • Check for oil, fuel, water, tires and brakes every morning before starting the journey
  • Plan and decide the routes
  • Follow the traffic rules and regulations strictly
  • Follow the national and international pick-up points and procedures
  • Use forklift to unload the goods
  • Also, receive feedback from the customers


  • CDL (Commercial Driving License) (for driving heavy vehicles)
  • Eight Weeks of Training in Driving Heavy Vehicles from South California Driving School, California
  • High School from Daffodil Academy, California


Donald S. Otto
(Truck Driver)
Careflex Incorporations
1945 Poe Road
Houston, TX 77036

The sample of tractor trailer truck driver resume given above can be used if you want to apply for this job position. You can refer the sample and take its help to craft a good resume. You can avoid the common mistakes and make your resume impressive by referring the sample to win some of the most desired employment opportunities of your vocation.

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