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Tow Truck Driver Resume

Drivers play a crucial role in the transportation world. The invention of wheel was important. Wheels made it possible for human beings to make new vehicles and with this emerged the need of a driver. A driver transports you and your goods to different locations as per your choice and needs. There are many vehicles today ranging from bikes and cars to large and gigantic trucks. If you are skilled in driving a commercial vehicle and love driving then you can choose this field to make your career in. Jobs are quite easily available in this sector.

Among the large vehicles such as trucks, the tow truck is a popular form of truck and the professional who drives such trucks is known as tow truck driver. Tow trucks are those trucks which are used to move vehicles that are broken down. It is possible that these vehicles can be used to move vehicles that broken down due to accidents, abandoned vehicles, and other broken down vehicles.

A tow truck driver mainly uses three types of trucks for completing their work namely, wheel-lift truck, flatbed truck, and hook-and-sling truck. A hook-and-sling truck driver uses the sling and hook to raise one end of a disabled vehicle for towing. A wheel-lift driver uses winches to lift disabled vehicles. The third one vehicle, i.e., flatbed truck is used for transporting expensive cars which are not in a condition to be driven.

If you are interested in this job profile then you can apply for it with a good tow truck driver resume. When you write your resume, try to sum up the related key skills in your resume. Your key skills say how capable are you for a particular position. Then comes the work experience section which talks about your previous work experience. It showcases the several job responsibilities you handled previously in a particular company. So while crafting a resume for the position of tow truck driver, do not forget to mention you skills and experiences because they are the most important elements of your resume.

Morris M. Kitchen
3688 Lee Avenue
Blackwood, NJ 08012
Phone: 733-541-7766
Email Id:


Looking for the position of Tow Truck Driver in a renowned organization, where I can apply my skills and seek challenging roles to get an opportunity to to put to practice my exceptional abilities and knowledge.

Key Skills

  • Good driving skills
  • Capable to operate all types of towing vehicles
  • Capable to repair the minor problems of the vehicles
  • Good listening skills and ability to handle the customer calls efficiently
  • Highly skilled to tow all types of vehicles
  • Able to work under pressure

Work Experience

Company: Scotcom Incorporations
Designation: Tow Truck Driver
Duration: September 2012 to till date


  • Drive different types of trucks such as wheel-lift truck, flatbed truck, and hook-and-sling truck
  • Receive calls and take note of the place of accident
  • Use different tools such as rollers, block, hydraulic lift, etc., to move objects from one place to another
  • Drive the tow truck safely to the place of breakdown and from there to the garage
  • Check the brakes, tires, oil, water, and fuel of the vehicle
  • Make sure that the vehicle is running in a good condition

Company: Biglotis Incorporations
Designation: Driver
Duration: July 2010 to August 2012


  • Drive the vehicle to the customer's destination
  • Clean the vehicle daily and perform the greasing and oiling of the vehicle parts
  • Deliver the goods on time
  • Regularly check oil, fuel, tires, brakes, and water in the vehicle
  • Receive the delivery receipt and cash from the customer
  • Keep the vehicle in a good condition
  • Keep track of the safety of products while driving


  • CDL (Commercial Driving License) from Nevada License Authority, Nevada
  • Eight Weeks of Tow Truck Training Program from Home Town Driving School, Nevada
  • High School Diploma from AIR University, Nevada


Jack M. Hensel
(Truck Driver)
Zoomdox Incorporations
2030 Norma Lane
Shreveport, LA 71101

If you want to make your career as a tow truck driver then you can apply for a job with a tow truck driver resume. You need to take care that your resume looks professional and is effective enough to get you an interview call from the potential employer. An employer does not have much time to spend on your resume, so its important that the very first look of your resume attracts him towards your candidature. You can refer the sample given above and take its help to write your own resume.

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