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Professional Driver Resume

Imagine a condition where you need to go somewhere and you do not know how to drive a vehicle. How would you be feeling at that time? The condition might make you feel embarrassed and you would certainly feel the need of a driver who could drive you to your desired place. Almost all vehicles are useless without a driver. You need someone who possesses the skills to drive. Same is the condition for every person when it comes to traveling or transportation. The three means of transportation namely air, water, and land require a professional to drive and shorten the distances between two places. Maybe, we address him by different names when it comes to air and water, but the purpose is similar and that is to 'drive'.

Thus, a driver drives all kinds of vehicles such as train, taxi, bus, truck, car, or any other commercial vehicle. These professionals are responsible to transport goods or people from one destination to another. Their driving skills and perceptions play a significant role in their professions. You can choose this profession to make your career in if you enjoy driving and like to travel long distances. It is a career full of excitement and adventure.

You might be thinking how you can become a professional driver in a renowned organization. You can become one by obtaining a valid CDL (commercial driving license) from the license authority of a particular district and apply for a job with a well crafted professional driver resume. Then, you can start your career by driving small vehicles on less crowded roads and once you get some experience, you can drive larger vehicles even on heavily crowded roads. You can even apply in a renowned organization once you gain some experience and related expertise.

Apart from a CDL and some experience, you require a well written professional driver resume in order to apply for the job. Your resume works as a tool to show your interest and talents that suit the job profile. You can create a better impression by crafting a job winning resume. You can refer a few samples before you proceed towards writing your resume. There are many templates available online and you can choose any one among them that suits your job profile.

Roy J. Blackwell
2255 Bryan Street
Greensboro, NC 27409
Phone: 733-542-6528
Email Id:


I want to obtain the position of Professional Driver and take the opportunity to contribute my skills and experience for the betterment of the organization. I am very well aware of the rules and regulations associated with this profession.


  • Outstanding driving skills
  • Able to drive all kinds of vehicles, whether large or small
  • Able to drive safely on all kinds of roads
  • Good knowledge of the traffic rules and regulations
  • Able to drive safely even in heavily crowded areas
  • Good communication abilities and interpersonal skills
  • Well mannered and knows how to treat people politely

Work Experience

Company: Ranstreet Incorporations
Designation: Truck Driver
Duration: September 2012 to till date


  • Drive a semi-trailer to transport goods to about 80 stops per week
  • Check the vehicles regularly for oil, water, air pressure, and fuel
  • Load and unload goods with the help of a forklift
  • Inform the management about critical cases such as accidents and/or breakdowns
  • Transport goods to various locations
  • Transport materials or goods and receive the receipts with a valid signature on them
  • Keep and maintain proper records of the daily journeys and transported goods

Company: K-belam Incorporations
Designation: Car Driver
Duration: July 2010 to August 2012


  • Drive the car to the owner's office in the morning and back home in the evening
  • Also, drive the family members to picnic spots or party lounges
  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene of the vehicles, both internally and externally
  • Take care of the traffic rules while driving the car
  • Also, drive the car safely
  • Check fuel, brakes, tires, oil, and water in the vehicles every morning before moving the car
  • Repair minor troubles with the car


  • Valid CDL from License Authority of Texas for driving heavy and light vehicles
  • High School Diploma from University of Texas


Ted J. Johnson
Transdex Incorporations
1537 Sycamore Fork Road
Tamarac, FL 33309

The sample of professional driver resume given above will be helpful when you want to apply for the job position of professional driver. You can customize the above given sample and use it when you are applying for such jobs.

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