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Lunch Truck Driver Resume

You always have to be ready with a resume when applying for a job. You certainly need a well written resume and it doesn't matter in which field your are applying for a job. One of the competitive fields is driving where you need to apply with a good and effective resume. For example, if you want to become a lunch truck driver then you will have to prepare a lunch truck driver resume in order to apply for the job.

There are several job opportunities available nationwide for the position of truck driver. Among the four primary types of transport vehicles such as trains, airplanes, trucks, and ships, trucks are the most popular vehicles to transport goods from one place to another. It is necessary to make goods available in the market on time. Thus, you need one of the means of transport to make the products available to the customers and trucks can be one of the best ways to move goods. Apart from supplying to the market, goods are also moved from one place to another for other commercial purposes such as manufacturing.

Any driver, irrespective of the field in which he is working, should possess a valid driving license in order to drive a commercial vehicle on road. He is also obliged to follow the laws and regulations of the Department of Transportation. A high school diploma would be a preferable qualification for this job profile. A person working with this job profile should be cool-headed and patient and able to take decisions at critical times or conditions.

These drivers should be aware of different roads and routes on which they drive the truck. They should also be aware of the traffic rules and regulations. A driver may have to drive the vehicle on different types of roads and so, he should be highly skilled in his profession. It is also the responsibility of a truck driver to maintain and take care of the vehicle. He needs to check the tires, brakes, oil, water, etc., before starting the daily journey. It is also the responsibility of a truck driver to keep the truck clean.

The job of a truck driver is not that easy because he is constantly engaged in driving as he holds the steering of the vehicle for almost 11 hours a day. So, it is necessary for these professionals to be hard working and able to handle the complexities of this job profile. A lunch truck driver is also responsible to transport the goods from one place to another.

Anthony C. Lohman
3630 Willis Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: 733-581-5926
Email Id:


Looking for the position of Lunch Truck Driver in an esteemed organization, where I can apply my driving skills towards the growth of the organization.


  • Good driving skills
  • Able to take the right decision at appropriate times when needed
  • Able to drive on all kinds of roads
  • Capable to keep records of the goods and materials transported
  • Highly skilled in driving new as well as old vehicles
  • Outstanding time management skills

Work Experience

Company: Hotware Incorporations
Designation: Lunch Truck Driver
Duration: September 2012 to till date


  • Move goods to the required destinations
  • Keep the vehicle clean
  • Also, handle different queries related to the goods or services offered
  • Drive the vehicle safely
  • Transport the products to the customers on time
  • Get the signature on receipts after delivering the goods
  • Report to the higher management in the case of delays or break downs

Company: Unaelectrics Incorporations
Designation: Lunch Truck Driver
Duration: July 2010 to August 2012


  • Transport goods from one place to another
  • Keep the vehicle clean
  • Receive signed receipts from the customers after delivering the products
  • Deliver the products safely
  • Manage the time given to deliver the products
  • Inform the manager about irregular conditions such as vehicle break down


  • Commercial Driving License from Driving License Authority of Texas, Texas
  • 8 Weeks of Certification in Driving from Alfred University, Texas
  • High School Diploma from Alfred University, Texas


Robert E. Stovall
(Lunch Truck Driver)
Medzatlex Incorporations
4073 Smith Street
Worcester, MA 01609

The sample of lunch truck driver resume given above will help you to craft an impressive resume and apply for the job position. A sample always gives you a better idea on how to write a resume effectively.

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