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Long Haul Truck Driver Resume

Long haul truck driver resume must be spectacular and comprise of exact information that can easily grab the first available attention of your hiring manager. Provide detailed information regarding your driving experience, especially when it is related to CDL jobs, emphasize your educational qualifications and job pertinent certifications, and highlight certain achievements from your previous workplaces.

A job candidate has to draft an impressive resume application in order to impress the employer and grab the applied job position. Long haul truck drivers have a huge amount of responsibilities on their shoulders, as they transport or carry millions of dollars worth merchandises and products, which are to be delivered safely and securely to their specified destinations. Note that often a few weeks are spent on the maintenance of the 18-wheeler heavy trucks for proper transportation of materials and safely heading back home.

Particularly, this job profession has a better scope and security and so, the candidates have to draft an exceptional application for the position of long haul truck driver. For your convenience, you are provided with a perfect resume sample for the similar post.

Samuel S. Johnson
111 Richland Avenue,
56th Blvd,
Sugar Land, TX - 77487
Phone: (281) 262-5196

Career Objective:

Seeking a secure and better position as a long haul truck driver in a reputed organization that can assist me in my career growth and enhance my driving skills and abilities. Wishing to be an important part of an established company and prove as a worthy asset for it.

Career Summary:

Responsible, skilled, and dedicated enough to handle various kinds of essential and priority assignments; seven years of experience as a long haul truck driver. Capable of dealing with different kinds of trans-border documentation and various registration procedures.


  • Diploma Program in Advanced Vehicle Operations from Oglala Lakota College, South Dakota
  • Driver's License, Class-A, CDL, License No. XXXXX
  • Graduation in Transport & Communication from Augustana State College, South Dakota in 2007 - Grade A
  • High School from Northern State High School, South Dakota in 2004 - Grade A in Commerce

Skills Summary:

  • Skilled in handling the customer service operations and looking after the major issues and associated problems
  • Capable of dealing with various kinds of domestic and international customers or clients
  • Extensive time management skills and abilities in preparing reports and documents
  • Flexible, dedicated, and responsible enough to work for long hours and on irregular days
  • Exceptional communicational and interpersonal skills and abilities
  • Seven years of complete experience and a clean record in this field as a truck driver

Technical and Professional Skills:

  • Complete knowledge and understanding regarding pneumatics, electronics, and mechanics
  • Skilled and proficient in fixing minor technical problems and resolving certain repairs
  • Experienced in handling the overall maintenance, repair, security, and monthly servicing work
  • Ability to handle and drive articulated trucks and heavy vans for the transportation of goods
  • Familiar in handling the communication channels and relying information to the clients

Work Experience:

Current Employer: Aaron & Stratford Group of Companies (2010 - till date)
Designation: Long Haul Truck Driver

Job responsibilities:

  • Handled and drove 18-wheelers and flat-bed heavy trailers efficiently and safely transported the requested materials to the specified destinations
  • Looked after the internal and external maintenance and servicing work and handled the cleanliness of the vehicles
  • Inspected the loading and unloading of ordered goods and materials and cross checked the products when delivered to their respective clients
  • Planned the travel schedules as per the priority of the ordered goods and decided about safe transportation routes for the safe delivery of materials
  • Inspected the condition of the vehicles and checked the tire pressure, fuel mileage, and other electrical and associated safety gears before the departure of delivery vehicles

Previous Employer: Paschal & Sons Group of Communications Pvt. Ltd. (2007-2010)
Designation: Long Haul Truck Driver

Job responsibilities:

  • Handled the general and special security clearance procedures and looked after the product quality before transportation
  • Communicated with various staff members and other clients regarding the shipment of materials, delay in the delivery of ordered products, minor road accidents, etc.
  • Instructed other long haul drivers about organizational safety and security procedures, guided them about product handling, and established better professional relationships with other clients
  • Handled the overall maintenance of delivery trucks, inspected the vehicles' condition, and handled the security adjustments
  • Maintained proper documentation and associated delivery paperwork including freight bills, log books, load sheets, reports, etc.

Achievements and Awards:

  • Praised for safely and skillfully handling the long distance transportation of goods and materials within the specified time limit
  • Awarded for handling the maintenance of heavy trailers, unloading the cargo to their destinations safely, and maintaining the priority of assignments
  • Rewarded for handling the condition of trailers, performing the major assigned duties, following the instructions provided, and transporting the materials at Paschal & Sons Group of Communications Pvt. Ltd.


John Stalls - Assistant Supervisor
Dominic Group of Glass Corporation

Ducky Mallard - Senior Manager
Mallard & Sons International Corporation

Mary Milan - Senior Administrator
Warren's & Wade Group of Companies

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in New York and Minneapolis


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Samuel S. Johnson

In order to progress in your professional life, you have to create an impressive resume application that can grab your reader's attention. Here, you are guided with an exceptional free resume sample for the position of long haul truck driver. Focus on your credentials in order to achieve your goals and objectives.

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