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Icecream Truck Driver Resume

Ice cream truck driver resume should be creative, impressive, and relevant as per the profession in order to create a sparkling interest in the eyes of your reader. This particular profession is slightly seasonal, but has its influence all over the world. Individuals willing to be a part of this customer service and driving combined profession should have the capacity to work for long hours and irregular days.

Basically, these particular drivers are expected to behave courteously with their clients or customers, which are mainly comprised of kids and teenagers. They even have to look after the overall maintenance of their delivery vehicles, maintain the quality of ice cream packets at the time of delivery, provide excellent customer service, etc. In addition, these truck drivers spend a hectic daily routine right from early morning to the end of the day. In other words, their assigned responsibilities are unlimited and they have to work in shifts as per the demand.

For your complete guidance, you are provided with a perfect resume sample for the position of ice cream truck driver. Follow this specific pattern to achieve your desired goals.

Ryan M. Geraci
632 Norma Avenue,
66th Blvd,
Alto, TX - 75925
Phone: (936) 858-7162

Career Objective:

Willing to obtain a bright professional career in a well-recognized institution as an ice cream truck driver, where I can skillfully enhance my driving abilities in this profession. Wishing to build a good communication and rapport with various clients.

Career Summary:

Five years of complete experience in this customer service field; skilled and responsible enough to handle and deliver ice cream tubs and packages to the clients on time. Capable of handling various kinds of billing procedures systematically.

Qualification Certifications:

  • Diploma Program in Customer Service from Center State College, Kentucky
  • Driver's License, Class-B, CDL, License No. XXXXX
  • Graduation in Transport & Communication from Alice Lloyd College, Kentucky in 2010 - Grade B
  • High School from Georgetown State High School, Kentucky in 2007 with Grade A in Commerce

Skills Summary:

  • Skilled in transporting various ice cream packages safely to the clients
  • Capable of communicating with various domestic and regional clients
  • Competent in handling customer orders and maintaining their proper billing and accounting
  • Skilled in greeting various customers and responsibly looking after the queries and certain issues
  • Responsible and dedicated employee and flexible to work in any given time zone
  • Complete understanding of following the traffic and safety rules and regulations

Technical and Professional Skills:

  • Capable of handling various kinds of electrical and electronic devices and instruments
  • Skilled in dealing with different types of automatic and manual transportation vehicles
  • Qualified and expert in solving various technical and mechanical problems of delivery vehicles
  • Ability to handle the computed data sheets and look after the execution of proper mathematical calculations
  • Familiar in maintaining the health, sanitation, and safety guidelines

Work Experience:

Current Employer: Baskins & Sons Frosty Treats (2012 - till date)
Designation: Icecream Truck Driver
Job responsibilities:

  • Communicated with customers and efficiently answered their queries and requests regarding the quality of product, availability in the market, etc.
  • Handled the overall maintenance of delivery trucks and responsibly inspected their 30 days servicing schedule
  • Maintained proper accounts and associated mail orders, collected payments and checks, developed certain prospect lists, etc.
  • Inspected the loading and unloading of requested stocks that include cream cones, large ice cream tubs, pints, and other necessary services required
  • Circulated the ordered deliveries to their respective destinations, collected the rejected and empty ice cream boxes back to the company, answered questions regarding product benefits, etc.

Previous Employer: Molly & Jones Treats (2010-2012)
Designation: Icecream Truck Driver
Job responsibilities:

  • Loaded delivery trucks with the requested products such as cream sandwiches, ice creams toppings, frozen creams, etc., and safely unloaded them at the specified destinations
  • Drove the truck safely to the scheduled events, greeted customers courteously, and dispatched their orders on the specified time
  • Systematically followed the hygiene, health, and sanitation guidelines ordained by the organization and promptly maintained the interior and exterior of the delivery trucks each day
  • Maintained systematic records and written registers regarding the ordered deliveries made, cash or checks collected, invoices or bills generated, extra services hired, etc.
  • Inspected the technical and mechanical conditions of the refrigeration unit, radiator and battery section, etc., and checked the fuel and oil prior to the dispatch of delivery vehicles

Achievements and Awards:

  • Praised for maintaining cleanliness in delivery trucks and promptly handling the overall collection payments, remittances, and checks from the customers
  • Awarded for safely transporting the products to clients in a timely manner and building a healthy commercial relationship with them
  • Rewarded for understanding the specified instructions, following the traffic and safety regulations, and guiding other staff members in accurately rotating the products at Redwood & Trillium Waste Corporation


Jane Philip - Assistant Manager
Dennis & Ritche Frozen Treats Corporation

Leroy Gibbs - Senior Supervisor
Jane & Joe's Icy Treat Zone

Mary Milan - Senior Administrator
Norman & Fox Frosty Treasure

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in Washington and Cambridge.


I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Ryan M. Geraci

Prepare an impressive resume application for the position of ice cream truck driver in a systematic way. In here, you are guided with a free resume sample which can assist you in building an excellent application that would help you in fulfilling your dream goals. Remember to clearly specify your work objectives in order to have a good hold over the applied position.

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