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Flatbed Truck Driver Resume

Flatbed truck driver resume must be relevant, focused, and impressive enough to catch the busy attention of your employer. Basically, try to concentrate on your exceptional operating features that include your educational background, professional scores, overall experience, knowledge, and skills regarding driving, certain accomplishments, etc. These are some of the basic factors that can lead you in building a bright future for your career. Know that a perfect and well-written resume can play a significant role in shaping your professional career.

Know that this is completely a commercial and professional job position that is mainly associated with the traveling and transportation of various goods and materials on articulated heavy trucks and tow trailers. The flatbed truck drivers are responsible for looking after the loading and unloading of various devices and materials, handling the necessary shipments, ensuring safety and complete security of the drivers and transported materials, overseeing the condition of the vehicles before leaving the company premises, etc. These are some of the basic work features that are carried out by the flatbed truck drivers.

Individuals who have the potential and interest to flourish in this particular profession should build an impressive resume application that leads them in shaping their careers. In here, for your complete assistance, you are provided with a perfect resume sample for the position of flatbed truck driver.

Daniel D. Wheeler
3288 Pink Oak Drive,
47th Blvd,
Long Beach, CA - 90802
Phone: (562) 901-5672

Career Objective:

Aspire to acquire a challenging position as a flatbed truck driver in a well-established organization that can assist me in gaining complete knowledge regarding professional driving services and associated duties. Wish to enhance my driving abilities in a growing institution.

Career Summary:

Excellent, capable, and comfortable to work in a healthy and growing work environment. Five years of complete knowledge and experience as a flatbed driver and capable of dealing with various clients with clear understanding of the federal laws and regulations.


  • Certified Program in Advanced Technical Procedures from Limestone Community College, South Carolina
  • Driver's License, Class-A, CDL, License No. XXXXX
  • Graduation in Transport & Communication from Morris & Newberry College, South Carolina in 2009 - Grade A
  • High School from Upstate Christian High School, South Carolina in 2006 - Grade A in Arts

Skills Summary:

  • Significant driving and interpersonal skills and abilities
  • Complete understanding regarding shipment protocols and associated procedures
  • Great ability to follow written and oral instructions as provided by the authorities
  • Exceptional communicational skills and abilities
  • Determined and qualified enough to build a healthy professional relationship with every staff employee
  • Familiar with the work schedules and skilled in handling irregular work periods

Technical and Professional Skills:

  • Completely familiar with the federal and state traffic rules and regulations
  • Qualified and skilled enough to handle and deal with the advanced level of operational mathematics
  • Competent enough to handle and fix the mechanical and technical faults systematically
  • Confident and determined to deliver standard shipments with great efficiency
  • Better understanding of DOT and associated security norms and conditions for safe deliveries

Work Experience:

Current Employer: Jane & Hopkins Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd. (2011 - till date)
Designation: Flatbed Truck Driver
Job responsibilities:

  • Handled the loading and unloading of trucks right upon their arrival at a specified destination and provided necessary documents to the clients
  • Picked up rejected goods and materials and delivered straight back to the company site of the manufacturing plant with the paperwork provided
  • Looked after the overall customer service systematically and efficiently responded to the customers' phone inquiries and associated concerns
  • Inspected the mechanical condition of delivery vehicles, looked after the dispatched materials, and handled the systematic planning of the deliveries
  • Looked after the cleaning and maintenance of delivery instruments and assisted in handling the cargo safely

Previous Employer: Donald & Sons Group of Companies (2009-2011)
Designation: Flatbed Truck Driver
Job responsibilities:

  • Inspected the overall condition of operating devices, delivery equipment, and other associated pressure devices, etc.
  • Performed every assigned duty systematically and regularly checked the transportation schedules of the goods to be delivered
  • Maintained systematic reports and logs regarding the delivery vehicles, materials shipped or ordered, etc.
  • Looked after the maintenance of general commodities such as steel, pipes, associated LTL loads, electrical supplies, and hauled coils
  • Strictly followed the traffic and security rules and regulations adhered by the organization

Achievements and Awards:

  • Complemented for maintaining 100 percent ontime and safe delivery of ordered goods and materials
  • Honored for handling the maintenance work of CB radios, telephones, emergency safety instruments, etc.
  • Awarded for systematically handling the accident sites, verifying the specified instructions, and following the traffic regulations at Jane & Hopkins Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Rewarded for driving the trucks safely, guiding other drivers about the safety regulations, and delivering the products at the specified time at Donald & Sons Group of Companies


Alex Kepner - Site Manager
Bristol General Motors Works

Daniel Mallard - Senior Attendant
Avenue Sales & Automotive Incorporation

Daniel Sloane - Senior Manager
Warren's Landscape Networks & Communications

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in Connecticut and West Virginia.


I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.


Daniel D. Wheeler

For getting access to a better job opportunity, you have to draft an impressive resume application that can be easily noticed by your potential employer. In here, you are offered with a free sample of resume for the position of flatbed truck driver. This systematic sample can assist you in achieving your objectives.

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