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Drivers License Examiner Resume

If you want to become a driver license examiner then you will be responsible for routine driver's license examination works. These examination works include written and road tests prepared for applicants, administering vision, determination of applicant qualifications, and collection of driver's license application fees.

As per the licensing rules and regulations of the United States, every state of the United States of America has a licensing agency and this agency is responsible for testing, regulating, and licensing motor vehicle operators. The name of these agencies could vary, including Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Department of Motor Vehicles, etcetera. Now, you might be thinking who these driver license examiners are. The driver license examiners are government employees who approve the eligibility of vehicle drivers to drive vehicles on road.

These examiners are familiar with all the laws and regulations related to the motor vehicle licensing authority of the state. They test the candidates through different processes and procedures to know whether or not they are capable to drive vehicles on road. They conduct different examinations before they hand over the license to an individual.

A candidate may apply for different types of license depending on the type of vehicle he is going to drive. Some may apply for license for light vehicles and other may apply for driving heavy vehicles such as pick-ups and trucks etc. Know that a motorcycle driver or any other two wheeler driver also needs a valid license to drive these vehicles on road. The license which is issued for driving private vehicles is general license and the one issued for driving heavy vehicles falls under the category of commercial vehicle license.

The driver license examiners mainly check whether or not a candidate is aware of the road signs, traffic laws, and safe driving techniques. They take the examination and then give a feedback whether a candidate is really capable of driving the vehicle on road or not. They mainly take care that a candidate meets the standards in order to authorize the license for him.

Now, if you are interested to become a driver's license examiner, you can craft a driver's license examiner resume and apply for the job. While preparing your resume, mention all the essential educational qualifications and skills required to hold the responsibilities of this job profile.

Stephen C. Eagan
3140 Saint Marys Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone: 733-452-7722
Email ID:


Looking for the position of Driver License Examiner in a government firm, where I can apply my skills and experience and gain further expertise in this field.


  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent observation capabilities
  • Capable to observe and judge candidates
  • Excellent evaluating skills
  • Good analytical skills
  • Good in computer operations and possesses knowledge of maintaining a database on the computer system

Work Experience

Company: California License Authority
Designation: Driver License Examiner
Duration: September 2012 to till date


  • Conduct the required written and visual tests to determine the eligibility of the applicants
  • Check whether the application forms have been filled properly
  • Conduct road tests to determine the eligibility of the candidates
  • Collect the examining fees from the candidates
  • Declare the result after the examination has been conducted
  • Hand over the licenses to successful candidates
  • Maintain a record of the licenses offered in the computer database
  • Check the documents of the applicants and verify them

Company: Boston License Authority
Designation: Driver License Examiner
Duration: July 2010 to August 2012


  • Conducting driving license examinations
  • Collecting the examination fees from the applicants
  • Checking the capability of the applicants with the help of both visual and driving tests
  • Checking and verifying the documents of the candidates
  • Checking whether the application forms have been filled properly and the information filled is accurate and correct as per the original documents
  • Checking the test results and handing over the licenses to successful candidates
  • Maintaining a proper record of the applicants and licenses offered


  • A.A. in General Business from Alfred University, California
  • High School Diploma in Public Relations from Alfred University, California


Daniel M. Robles
(Tax Examiner)
California Tax House
3950 Jarvis Street
Buffalo, NY 14216

A sample of driver license examiner resume has been given above. You can apply for this position with the help of this sample. You will definitely get an interview call if you have prepared your resume effectively.

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