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Commercial Driver Resume

Commercial driver resume must be simple, precise, and qualified enough to create a spark of interest in the mind of your reader or hiring manager. Your qualified resume application should speak volumes regarding your work potential, exceptional technical credentials, educational history, overall work experience, and some of your accomplishments. These are the major factors that would compel your recruiter to review your entire application and select you for an interview for the applied job position.

Particularly, this being a commercial job position, the candidates should possess the capacity of handling the assigned job responsibilities. Mainly, these drivers are responsible for handling several duties that include supervising the overall shipments, handling the transport facilities, maintaining the condition of the delivery vehicles, communicating with various customers regarding proper shipments, etc. In other words, they are in sole charge of dealing with shipments and looking after the commercial services.

Strategically, you have to draft your resume and systematically present it to your prospective job recruiter. The candidates are offered here with an impressive resume sample for the post of commercial driver.

Richard M. Dempsey
3288 Elk Avenue,
87th Blvd,
Lansing, MI - 48933
Phone: (517) 534-9251

Career Objective:

Qualified and in search of a challenging job position as a commercial driver in a well-established institution, where I can skillfully improve my driving abilities. Wish to be an important part of a progressive institution and prove as an asset for it.

Career Summary:

Experienced and well-trained in dealing with the technical minorities of the delivery vehicles and handling the necessary instruments, etc.; six years of complete knowledge in the field of safe transportation. Complimented for maintaining a clean driving record.


  • Certificate Degree in Technical Equipment Operations from West Virginia Wesleyan College, West Virginia
  • Driver's License, Class-A, CDL, License No. XXXXX
  • Bachelor's Degree in Transport & Communication from Ohio Valley University, West Virginia in 2008 - Grade A
  • High School from Wheeling Global High School, West Virginia in 2005 - Grade A in Commerce

Skills Summary:

  • Capable of understanding various road directions and skilled in reading and following maps
  • Six years of complete experience in the field of transportation
  • Experienced with a clean driving record throughout the career
  • Exceptional knowledge regarding the US Department shipment rules and regulations
  • Better communicational and interpersonal abilities
  • Efficient in dealing and communicating with varied kinds of international customers

Technical and Professional Skills:

  • Expert and qualified in handling the overall maintenance and associated mechanical repairs
  • Experienced in dealing with various electrical instruments and fixing the problems of electronic equipment
  • Capable of handling the major and minor inventory or warehouse controls
  • Skilled in handling the overall distribution of the products and maintaining the overall customer service with complete satisfaction
  • Proficient in maintaining the product quality and inspecting the security controls

Work Experience:

Current Employer: Long Island Carriers Incorporation (2011 - till date)
Designation: Commercial Driver
Job responsibilities:

  • Efficiently monitored the overall warehouse or inventory levels and maintained a good track regarding the availability of various products
  • Handled the transportation of general and special materials ordered with complete safety and scheduled delivery
  • Systematically responded to customer service calls, handled customer queries, answered their complaints, and handled certain issues regarding the products
  • Skillfully managed the loading and unloading of the materials requested and systematically cross-checked the product details list
  • Made daily, monthly, and annual records regarding the materials or products delivered, mileage covered, fuel charges, etc.

Previous Employer: Morrison & Catlin Group of Services (2008-2011)
Designation: Commercial Driver
Job responsibilities:

  • Efficiently operated all instruments in a safe and secure way with minimum risk and specified policies and procedures
  • Inspected every delivery or shipment vehicle prior to dispatch and made a regular maintenance check of every vehicle
  • Performed daily inspections regarding correct material quantity and maintenance of the product quality
  • Systematically collected invoices for the products dispatched and received checks from clients, associated documents, etc.
  • Maintained outstanding customer service and responsibly answered the calls and queries of domestic and international clients

Achievements and Awards:

  • Felicitated for handling the priority shipments and safely transporting them to their desired locations
  • Complimented for looking after the commercial operations and necessary computational services
  • Rewarded for systematically following the provided instructions, handling the on-time delivery orders, maintaining the safety and quality of products at Long Island Carriers Incorporation
  • Winning team member of a regional level chess team, West Virginia
  • Awarded for looking after the scheduled operations, communicating with other staff employees, and building professional relationship at Morrison & Catlin Group of Services


Roger Dandler - Executive Manager
Maple Group of Services

Philip Grey - Assistant Manager
Phoenix Group of Carriers

Adam Smith - Senior Manager
Majhong & Sons Group of Services

Mobility and Flexibility:

Flexible to relocate to nearby areas of San Diego and California.


I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.


Richard M. Dempsey

In here, you are provided with a free resume sample for the position of commercial driver. This presented sample can surely help you in building your own resume. Focus on your potential skills and abilities that can lead you in achieving a bright vocational future.

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