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Chauffeur resume should be perfect, relevant, and appropriate enough to attract the attention of your employers towards your job application. Basically, you have to take major efforts while designing a resume application for such a kind of defined job or occupation. In addition, you have to clearly state your educational qualifications, overall work experience, communicational abilities, etc., in this document. The reason being that these are some of the major factors that can divert your reader or hiring manager's attention. It should be perfect enough to compel them to select you for an interview.

This is a responsible job position and so, the candidates have to take complete measures while performing each and every function of this profession. Basically, these professionals are mainly incharge of certain assigned responsibilities that include transporting people to the specified destinations, maintaining the vehicle, looking after the security measures of the people, cleaning the interior and exterior of the vehicle, and monitoring the primary tasks. Therefore, they are solely responsible for the overall duties, including the transportation of executives and maintenance of security of the vehicle.

Candidates willing to be a part of this defined job position have to create an impressive resume application that can assist them in shaping their careers. Here, you are provided with a perfect resume sample for the position of chauffeur.

Bradley D. Medrano
256 James Avenue,
34th Blvd,
Brookfield, NY - 13314
Phone: (315) 899-1899

Career Objective:

Wishing to hold a better position as a Personal Driver/Chauffeur in a well-reputed institution that can skillfully utilize my expertise in this field. Willing to gain more experience and enhance my skills and abilities.

Career Summary:

Twelve years of experience in this field as a Chauffeur; capable of handling general and special practices and procedures of driving. Efficiently handled vehicle inspections and regularly dispatched owners and residents to different destinations.


  • Diploma Program in Car Driving and Maintenance from New Jersey State University, New Jersey
  • Driver's License, Class-A, License No. XXXXX
  • Graduation in Automobile & Transportation from New York State University, New York in 2002 - Grade B
  • High School from Manhattan Community High School, Arizona in 1999 - Grade A in Commerce

Skills Summary:

  • Exceptional communicational and interpersonal skills and abilities
  • Twelve years of experience in the driving field
  • Complete knowledge and understanding regarding car maintenance and the functionality of different parts
  • Skilled in handling the general navigation system
  • Capable of understanding and fixing the general and complex problems of the vehicles
  • Expert in handling the operations assigned such as those related to vehicle safety, delivery of travelers, inspection of vehicle conditions, etc.

Technical and Professional Skills:

  • Remarkable skills and understanding of handling the plans of specified routes or destinations
  • Expert and skilled enough to look after the traveling security and safeguard confidential matters
  • Complete knowledge and understanding regarding vehicle cleaning and maintenance practices
  • Familiar and quite fluent in three foreign languages that are: French, Spanish, and Russian
  • Competent and excellent in handling simple automotive repairs, complex maintenance procedures, etc.
  • Familiar and exceptional understanding of customer service

Work Experience:

Current Employer: Corona Limousine Services Pvt. Ltd. (2008 - till date)
Designation: Personal Driver
Job responsibilities:

  • Efficiently handled the overall cleaning and maintenance services of the vehicles and looked after the proper functioning of their parts
  • Responsibly handled the assigned duties or assignments that include picking up the residents and guests from their destinations
  • Welcomed the owners and guests and assisted the guests in moving towards the car section procedure and placing their packages and luggages properly
  • Supervising the security premises of the car parking area, looking after the optimum safety speed of the car, and maintaining the fuel efficiency
  • Efficiently handled the overnight and morning drives as well as extended the drives to certain irregular hours

Previous Employer: Kansas Transportation Services Pvt. Ltd. (2002-2008)
Designation: Professional Chauffeur
Job responsibilities:

  • Assisted the senior personnel and executive officers in arranging their traveling schedules and associated accommodations at the respective stopovers
  • Efficiently supervised the necessary gauges, monitored fluid levels, and looked after different parking situations
  • Handled and reported major malfunctions, made necessary repairs, and supervised tire pressures, air fluids, etc.
  • Maintained a complete record regarding the covered trips to specified destinations, associated mileages, stopovers, and purchase of gas, oil, and other necessary materials
  • Efficiently followed the specified traffic rules and associated regulations regarding traveling securities, etc.
  • Performed various assigned tasks and offered the necessary information required by domestic and international clients

Achievements and Awards:

  • Complimented for efficiently and safely assisting the elderly and disabled passengers in and out of the vehicles
  • Rewarded for strictly following and abiding by the traffic rules and regulations related to driving
  • Awarded for helping various residents and passengers in loading and unloading their luggages at Corona Limousine Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Winning team member of a regional level football team, New York
  • Awarded for skillfully and efficiently handling miscellaneous work and transporting official personnel, etc., at Kansas Transportation Services Pvt. Ltd.


Dominic Telford - Senior Operations Manager
Marriott Driving & Transportation Services

Kyle Henderson - Executive Manager
Florence Services Pvt. Ltd.

Laurel Stuart - Technical Manager
Global Traveling Services Corporation

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in New York and New Jersey.


I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Bradley D. Medrano

Here, you are provided with a perfect and free resume sample for the position of chauffeur. Your resume application should be simple, clean, and clear in order to get good attention of your employer. A perfect application can certainly help you in achieving your long term goals and objectives and assist you in shaping your professional career. Along with your resume, the cover letter is also important. To get cover letter formats for chauffeur job application, click here.

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