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Writing Consultant Resume

This resume example is an opportunity to learn the ideal way of writing a perfect resume. It is a way of presenting the information in a style that achieves professional level. The idea is simple and the content is easy to understand. It is the best techniques of letting your employer know about the skill sets and job experience that will fit the position. The logic applied in writing this resume example will make your understanding clear on the simplest and the most effective way of generating a catchy resume. This writing consultant resume can be used as the best reference in the making of a perfect resume.

Corporate or any organization requires documents that provide information on the organization of working procedures, policies, rules, or marketing materials. The job is difficult and tedious. This is where the importance of a writing consultant comes into picture. A writing consultant is a communication expert who undertakes the responsibility of preparing company and product materials.

Some of the job responsibilities of a writing consultant include preparing company information, developing content on products or services, reviewing content, editing content flow, writing organization policies, interviewing production and marketing staff, proofreading for minor errors, conducting research on content development, gathering required information for content generation, maintaining records of prepared materials, drafting meeting minutes, preparing company confidential information, providing support in project management activities, identifying proper graphics to go in the content, reviewing the finished content to ensure that proper information is communicated, providing assistance to writing staff, and managing the content.

A writing consultant should possess strong written communication skills combined with creativity in the use of language. It is necessary to have the knowledge of a publishing software, search engine optimization, and writing trends. A bachelor's degree in mass communication is mandatory to obtain the position of a writing consultant.

Sample Writing Consultant Resume

Ellin Sweeney
78043 Higway Drive, Grand Grande, AZ 85222
Cell: (333)-732-0936

Career Summary:

Creative and skilled writer with diverse knowledge of developing various forms of content, both for corporate and educational institutions. Looking for a position as a writing consultant in a prestigious organization.

Knowledge, Skills Sets & Abilities:

  • Hands on experience in generating content for product websites and educational materials
  • Comprehensive knowledge of writing styles, language usage, and content flow
  • Sound knowledge of writing basics, content organization, and content management techniques
  • Hands on experience in developing content, both for technical and non-technical professionals
  • Familiar with Search Engine, Content Management Systems, and Hyper Text Language
  • Ability to generate clear content by using appropriate jargons with good editing skills
  • Possess excellent communication, organization, management, and multi-tasking skills
  • Ability to work co-operatively in a team environment and to meet tight deadlines

Job History:

Organization: Ellios Group, AZ
Duration: April 2010 till date
Designation: Writing Consultant

  • Responsible for preparing product marketing and promotional materials for new and existing customers
  • Assigned the responsibilities of coordinating with the project staff to identify the requirements of the project
  • Handle the tasks of writing about the product and service in detail with the guidelines of the production staff
  • Perform the responsibilities of developing content, especially to be put before the starting of product descriptions
  • Assigned the tasks of proofreading and formatting the document to make the content more appealing and attractive
  • Handle the responsibilities of maintaining proper records of the prepared documents with revision history and version number

Organization: Ohilips Institute, AZ
Duration: May 2009 to March 2010
Designation: Junior Writing Consultant

  • Handled the tasks of providing proper guidelines to students in developing content and in putting them in words
  • Assigned the responsibilities of conducting advanced classes on the effectiveness of proper communication
  • Performed the tasks of supporting students in researching content for course subject
  • Provide training sessions to students in basic forms of writing as well as monitor students' writing skills
  • Handled the responsibilities of assisting the staff in newsletter production and necessary web content


Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications
University of Arizona in the year 2009

A resume should not communicate an exhaustive list of information. It probably will make the employer lose interest of going through the entire sample. Get the best knowledge of drafting an attention winning resume with the help of the sample updated in the page. The entire content is confined in two pages. This is what makes the resume strong and worth to refer. Make your resume a strong reflection of your professional knowledge and skills by using the sample. This resume is sure to please your prospective employer.

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