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Weight Loss Consultant Resume

Everyone desires to look slim and be the center of attraction. With the increased craze for fitness and weight loss, weight loss consulting services have become part of the daily work out activities. Such advisory services are availed with any time, age, and without any restrictions. So, try your abilities and skills in the area, provided you have that potential capacity to motivate people and give results. Deal with high management skills and strategic handling of matters to plan out dietary functions and exercises to offer the clients with concrete weight loss results.

So, take efforts to cover your excellence in the field to deal with weight loss practices. Justify in-depth understanding of diet, supplements, accurate analysis, and people psychology. It helps to ensure the employer about your efficiency, with track record of historical performances and incredible results. Let weight loss consultant resume be a tool to structure your excellence in the field, and to communicate high motivational abilities to control eating habits of people. Focus on good interpersonal skills to handle weight loss consulting services and technical support operations to ensure good results. Here, find some additional information about the work to be done as a weight loss consultant.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Analyzing the person's diet plans, situations, and elements such as age, capacities, etc., to deliver exact and accurate results
  • Managing a variety of activities, plans, and dietary functions to control a person's dietary habits
  • Coordinating useful actions and providing essential tips or guidelines to keep people focused about their targets
  • Designing customized plans to work out and supplement such exercises with useful medication practices, if required
  • Assessing dietary requirements to best calculate dietary plans and monitoring constant feedback to get the established results
  • Planning dietary functions and activities with respect to period of time or schedules

Thus, weight loss consultant needs to learn all essential aspects in relation to keep weight under control. It includes a variety of tasks that keeps you strong and healthy, and results into considerable decrease in weight. So, try to cover relevant skills and experiences that keep you competent to offer highly efficient services.

Here is a sample weight loss consultant resume that may serve your needs to draft your own resume. Go through the following details to understand resume writing well.

Francis S. Jimenez
4356 Cantebury Drive
New York, NY 10013
Phone: 643-266-2664
Email Address:


Looking for the position of a weight loss consultant in an institution, where I can utilize my knowledge and understanding to offer the clients with the best dietary plans and routine schedules to achieve the targeted results.


  • Expertise at analyzing people's life styles and diet habits to offer result oriented plans
  • Proficient in working out strategic plans to satisfy people's health requirements
  • Worked as an Assistant Weight Loss Consultant for 3 years
  • Performed the job of a Nutritional Health-care Professional


  • Efficient management and organization skills to coordinate activities
  • Good interactive abilities to motivate people
  • Research and analytical skills to calculate the customer diet requirements
  • Expertise in training and development skills

Technical Skills:

  • Practiced Microsoft Office management functions
  • Proficient at handling database management (DBMS) systems
  • Familiarity with 3D designing functions


  • Bachelors in Health Nutrition and Science from University of Northwestern Ohio in 2000
  • Completed Diploma course in Advanced Technology and Research Project Management
  • Attended a training program for creating health care awareness and fitness consciousness among people

Professional Experience:

ROER Fitness Club and Consulting Services. Burnville, MN
Designation: Weight Loss Consultant

2010-till date
Role and responsibilities:

  • Calculating the client's requirements and offering customized support to satisfy their aims and objectives
  • Observing and monitoring constant feedback to offer the client with the best results
  • Supplementing the person's efforts with some scientific and researched practices, to fulfill their objectives
  • Assessing diet needs and requirements to offer people with suitable plans and tips to reduce weight, scientifically
  • Offering advices in connection with fundamental nutritional values, and managing good diet plans accordingly

TOER Health Care and Fitness Management Center; Kirksville, MO
Designation: Assistant Weight Loss Consultant

Role and responsibilities:

  • Provided assistance to carry out research in connection with the best dietary plans and helped the customers to follow them
  • Given motivation and inspiration to control dietary habits to get the best results
  • Created awareness and marketed supplementary values, which guides towards established results
  • Designed and coordinated efficient training programs to make people easy with the health-care plans and practices
  • Developed safe and effective procedural activities and tasks to reduce weight naturally
  • Supported people with some extra information and motivational power to avoid food temptation and cravings


  • Recognized as 'Licensed Weight Loss Counselor, United States of America' 2003


  • Affiliated to a club gathered to discuss effective and suitable dietary plans and supplements, to keep people healthy, and to reduce their weight with daily practices

Mobility and Flexibility:

Quite flexible to analyze the customized requirements of the clients, and accordingly offer personalized services to serve the client's needs.


I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Francis S. Jimenez

Thus, while writing a weight loss consultant resume, pay considerable interest towards focusing key skills such as communication, instruction, management, and motivational power to create equally well desired control on diet habits.

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