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Tax Consultant Resume

A tax consultant is a person that provides consultancy services to a firm or corporation, and provides help and assistance with tax returns. Tax consultants are hired by firms and organizations for better tax payment management, and for making plans and adopting strategies for keeping their taxes to a minimum. Paying of tax is an important procedure, and is beneficial for the overall progress and development of the nation. But paying of tax is often a daunting task for the tax payers, and they often find themselves paying more tax then usual. A tax consultant makes necessary arrangements and plans, so that their clients have to pay minimum tax in a given year or time.

Applicants applying for the position of a tax consultant in a firm or organization must first furnish a resume that explains their skills and expertise, and proves of them to be a successful tax consultant. A promising resume presentation increases the chances of turning the job application into a successful one. Therefore it is significantly important that you present a resume that stands correctly on professional terms, facilitating a positive response from the recruiter. Writing a resume is not a difficult task unless and until you are aware of the basic rules and guidelines. Below mentioned are some important tips that will help you in writing a proper resume for your job application.

Tax Consultant Resume Writing Tips

  • Contact Information: You must provide necessary contact details in the beginning of your resume. Provide your name, telephone number, email, and postal address in the left hand side of your resume. The recruiter will contact you through your contact information, and therefore, you must write your contact details appropriately.

  • Objective: Provide a proper objective statement that describes your strengths and skills, and how by using those you wish to achieve your goals and targets. Make sure that your objective statement does not exceed more then 2 lines.

  • Highlight your skills: Describe the skills and expertise you possess in the field of tax consulting. Write in detail about the knowledge you possess in the field, as recruiters will determine your eligibility depending on that.

  • Professional experience: Your past professional experience matters in a job application process. You must give an elaborate picture of the professional exposure you have received over the years, and mention the firm you were associated with, along with the responsibilities performed.

  • Academics: Write about your academic pursuits, and discuss your achievements and accomplishments during your academic years.

  • Official tone: Make sure that you write your resume possessing a professional tone. It gives the resume a professional appeal, and creates a better impression of yourself in front of the recruiter.

  • Length: Don't make the resume too lengthy, and provide only relevant information. Mention only those details that are relevant to the post, and skip unnecessary information.

Below is a sample of tax consultant resume, that will assist you further in writing a resume. The sample contains fictitious details, and you can update it accordingly, as per your facts and figures keeping the same format.

Sean L. Paniagua
2660 Vine Street
Elgin, IL 60120
Telephone: 293 929192

Career Objective: Looking forward to pursue a career in a reputed organization as a tax consultant where I can use my knowledge in the field, for the successful operation and progressive growth of the firm.

Career Profile: With a professional experience of 5 years in the field tax consultancy, I have the opportunity to work with 2 highly established organizations. Possess excellent knowledge of tax payments, and direct and indirect tax concepts.

Skills and Objectives:

  • Possess excellent knowledge of tax payment procedures and practices
  • Excellent calculation and analytical skills
  • Rich knowledge of plans and programs for reducing tax procedures
  • Ability to solve problems and solve deadlines effectively
  • Possess excellent computing skills along with good knowledge of several official computer softwares
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Good professional behavior, with team working skills and management

Professional Experience:

Firm: ABC Corporation
Designation: Tax Consultant
Duration: June 2009 to June 2012

  • Provided recommendation and suggestions regarding proper payment of tax
  • Reviewed long term and short term tax payment procedures
  • Made betters plans and programs for cutting tax payment rates

Firm: Bosco Internationals
Designation: Tax Consultant
Duration: May 2007 to MAY 2009

  • Designed new plans for tax payments
  • Recommendations regarding better payment of tax on time
  • Reviewed tax payment procedures and practices

Educational History:

  • Diploma Degree in Taxation From Wellington College Miami 2006
  • Masters in Commerce from Miami University 2006
  • Bachelors Degree in Commerce form Florence College of Commerce 2004

Enclosure: Resume, Appreciation letter.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

The above sample and tips will surely go a long way in providing enough assistance to applicants in constructing a better tax consultant resume, that will surely turn your job application into a successful one.

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