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Sustainability Consultant Resume

The very purpose of writing and drafting a resume is to make the recruiter aware of your skills and expertise, and how you fit for the vacant position you are applying for. Therefore it becomes crucially important that you construct a resume that serves the purpose of representing yourself brilliantly in front of the recruiter thus putting you a step ahead of other applicants applying for the same. For constructing a proper resume you must have fare knowledge of the post you are applying for and know the responsibilities and duties attached with it. A sustainability consultant is an employee who is employed to look after the proper management and completion of various projects and assignments carried on by a firm.

A sustainability consultant performs various responsibilities and makes sure of the smooth working and sustainability of the firm by eliminating all the risk factors and solving various issues and problems occurring in various departments. Some of the responsibilities that a sustainability consultant performs are, supervising the working of various sectors in the firm, making necessary changes in areas of improvement, inspecting the progress of various projects, performing site surveys and analysis, planning and determining the course of action in projects and assignments, suggesting solutions and recommendations, calculating costs and reducing carbon foot prints, saving energy, etc. The primary commitment of a sustainability consultant is to provide a healthy work environment where employees can work efficiently aiding in the progress and growth of the organization. Below provided are some important points you need to include while writing your resume.

Guidelines for writing a proper Sustainability Consultant Resume

  • Research: Research on how to construct a resume appropriately before attempting to construct it. Internet provides a lot of resources and will help you in gaining valuable information on how to construct an impressive and successful resume.

  • Use a proper format: Find a format that suits your profile well. There are several formats available and you can choose one for constructing your own resume.

  • Introduction: Start your resume by providing your name, and mailing address. Mention your email and telephone number as well. It is important that you provide all relevant contact details as the recruiter will contact you in case your resume is approved.

  • State your objective: Provide a proper objective statement talking about what you are looking for, and how you will prove to be a useful asset for the firm.

  • Describe your profile: Give a brief description of your profile and write about your professional history in brief. You can also mention about your skills and expertise you possess.

  • Highlight your skills and expertise: Recruiter must know your skills and expertise and therefore you must provide a detailed description of the talents, skills and knowledge you possess in the field.

  • Talk about your professional exposure: Write about the firms you were previously associated with and the responsibilities and duties you have performed in each.

Blow is a sample of a sustainability consultant resume that will guide you in understanding the format and technicalities involved in writing the resume.

Sample Sustainability Consultant Resume

Chester R. Schoenberg
4464 Romines Mill Road
Dallas, TX 75248
chester.schoenberg@gmail.com2992 91919111

Career Objective: Seeking a position in a reputed firm as a sustainability consultant where I can use my skills and expertise for the proper development and progressive growth of the firm.

Career Profile: With a professional experience of 5 years as a sustainability consultant, I had the privilege to work with two renowned organizations present in the contemporary era. Possess excellent analytical and strategic planning skills with rich expertise in both verbal and written communication.

Summary of Skills:

  • Profession experience of 5 years in the field.
  • Possess excellent organizational and administrative management skills.
  • Ability to plan programs and procedures on an administrative level.
  • Rich expertise in forecasting the future and taking necessary measures accordingly.
  • Excellent interpersonal and behavioral skills.
  • Ability to take important decisions after monitoring and analyzing different types of situations.

Professional Summary:

Firm: MGM Industries
Designation: Sustainability Consultant
Duration: June 2010 to July 2012

  • Primarily assigned to monitor several work procedures and make necessary recommendations in areas that require change and improvement.
  • Analyze the administrative procedures.
  • Recommend new plans and programs for increasing the productivity.
  • Look after necessary security procedures and make the firm aware of the risk factors.

Firm: Marigold Corporations
Designation: Sustainability Consultant
Duration: June 2007 to June 2010

  • Monitoring and analysis of several administrative procedures.
  • Decision making in the execution of new projects and programs.
  • Determining the future and taking necessary steps accordingly.
  • Taking care of the risk factors and ensuring safety of the firm, in both short and long run.


  • Completed Masters in Business Administration from Massachusetts University, 2006.
  • Completed Bachelors in Commerce with specialization in Finance from New York University, in 2004.

Enclosure: Resume, Appreciation letter.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

The above sample of sustainability consultant resume contains fictitious information and you can make the necessary changes as per your requirement using the same format. We hope that the above sample and tips will assist you in writing a resume that will help in turning your job application into a successful one.

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