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Sports Consultant Resume

Resumes are documents that represent applicants during a job application to the employers. The employer, after examining the resume decides on the eligibility of the recruiter, and approves him for further interview. An applicant applying for the position of a Sports Consultant in a firm must construct a proper sports consultant resume that dictates his potential in the field, and represents him effectively in front of the recruiter. For writing a proper resume, you must possess a better idea of the post you are applying for. For those who are not properly aware of who a Sports Consultant is, must first gain some information on the field, and what their duties and responsibilities are.

As from the name, we can get an idea that a sports consultant is a person who deals with or is associated with sports. Precisely, a sports consultant is a professional who is assigned to market services related to sports and sports related fields. He also makes contacts and networks with organizations rlated to, and working with sports professionals, both nationally and globally.

Applicants who do not possess good experience in writing a resume must understand the rules and guidelines associated in constructing one. By following the below mentioned tips, you can write a resume effectively that will present yourself appropriately, in front of the recruiter, and help in making the job application successful.

Guidelines for writing a better Sports Consultant Resume

  • Select a Format: A format or a lay-out design is an important element of the resume. There are several format styles available, and you can select any one you find appropriate for writing your resume. There are several websites, that provide free samples from where you can have an idea of the different format styles available.
  • Maintain an Official Tone: It is highly recommended that you maintain a formal tone while writing your resume. Your resume must not sound casual or informal, and it should be written formally, reflecting professionalism.
  • State your Objective: You must clearly explain your aim and ambition, and how you wish to achieve those through your hard work and determination.
  • Talk about your Assets: You must make the recruiter aware of your worth by explaining the skills and expertise you possess in the field. The recruiter will surely try to know what they are investing in, and proper portrayal of your abilities will help them in determining your eligibility.
  • Professional Experience: Mention about your previous work endeavors, and describe the responsibilities and duties performed.
  • Highlight your Achievements: You mention about your professional and academic achievements, and talk about the accolades and awards you have received.
  • Proof read your resume: After completion, proof read your resume and make correction of any spelling or grammatical errors.

Sample Sports Consultant Resume

Bobby P. Smiley
1991 State Street
Westland, MI 48185
Telephone: 290 2991092

Career Objective: Looking forward to seek a position in a reputed organization as a sports consultant, where I can use my skills and expertise I possess in the field, and help in the networking and marketing of services produced by the firm.

Profile Summary: Possess a professional experience of 4 years in the field of sports consulting, working with two highly prestigious organizations. Possess excellent networking and marketing skills along with good communication and presentation.

Skills and expertise:

  • Received a professional exposure of 4 years in the field
  • Highly skilled in making communication and expert presentation skills
  • Possess rich knowledge in marketing services related to sports
  • Excellent knowledge of market, and ability to predict future situations
  • Expert analytical skills and ability to recommend appropriate solutions to problems
  • Designing new plans and programs in areas of development
  • Ability to make and improve networking with clients and external bodies
  • Expert knowledge in writing contracts, and follow rules and procedures accordingly.

Professional Experience:

Firm: ABC Sports Agency
Designation: Sports Consultant
Duration: July 2010 to June 2012

  • Primarily assignment was to market the goods and services produced by the firm
  • Promotion of new products and services
  • Assisted others employees in the field of future planning and finance
  • Made new contacts with other organizations and sports personnel

Firm: Bing Sports Agency
Designation: Sports Consultant
Duration: March 2008 to June 2010

  • Performed marketing related functions
  • Designed new plans and programs in improving marketing of goods and services
  • Helped in making new contacts with other organizations and agencies
  • Networking with firms and sportsmen

Academic History:

  • Diploma degree in Sports Management Horizon Sports Academy in 2008.
  • Did Masters in Organizational Management from Saint Xever's Management Academy, New York in 2007
  • Achieved Bachelor's Degree in Commerce from New York University in 2005.

I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.

Enclosures: Resume, reference letters, appreciation letter.

The above tips and sample of sports consultant resume will surely go a long way in providing enough assistance to those who are having difficulty in constructing their own resume during a job application.

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