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Small Business Consultant Resume

A small business consultant is a professional who works in a consultancy firm, consulting with clients, and providing recommendations regarding the various aspects and issues that occurs in conducting a small business. When a person opens a business, and is known in the field of business, trade and commerce, he seeks the help of a small business consultant who guides him how to proceed further in the business properly and safely. A small business consultant can also be hired by companies and firms who have recently ventured into the market, and require assistance in their working and business dealings and operations. In this case, a business consultant has to perform a variety of responsibilities like looking after recruitment, performance evaluation, management of meetings and conferences, implementing new plans and programs, determining and setting of goals, etc.

Applicants who possess good knowledge in the field, and are looking forward to pursue a career in business consultancy, must first design a proper small business consultant resume before applying for the position in a small scale industry or a consultancy firm. Below mentioned are some resume writing tips that will help you in writing a resume for the position.

Small Business Consultant Resume writing tips

9 tips following which you can submit an excellent Small Business Consultant Resume

  1. Choose the right format: A format is a very important part of the resume, and acts as its backbone. There are several format and layout designs available on-line, and you can select the one you find appropriate.

  2. Take help: If you don't have any knowledge on how to construct a resume or possess a vague idea about it, you must seek help and the best place to look out for it is the internet. There are a large number of websites that provide free samples and tips, and you can collect information on how to construct a resume by browsing through these sites. You can also take help from someone who is your friend or family, who possess a good knowledge on resume writingc.

  3. Maintain proper tone: Your resume must be soberly written, and must possess a formal tone portraying your professionalism and good conduct.

  4. Use easy to understand text: Recruiter may not understand some technical details and other aspects of your character. It is therefore important to write the resume in a manner, and use such kind of text that is easy to read and interpret.

  5. State your objective: Describe your objective behind joining the firm, and how by using your skills and talents you will achieve the goals you aim to achieve, and be a profitable asset for the firm.

  6. Highlight your qualities: The recruiter will be interested in knowing the quality of the asset they are investing in, and therefore, you must describe your talents and qualities properly. This will make the recruiter aware of your capabilities, and help them in judging your eligibility for the post.

  7. Throw light on your professional experience: Your must give a detailed picture of your previous professional experience, and explain the duties and responsibilities performed in each.

  8. Simplify your resume: Your resume must be simple maintaining a proper length. Ignore writing long paragraphs and use bulleted points instead. You must only provide details that is connected to the post and must not provide irrelevant data.

  9. Proofread your resume: Proofreading is important and you must check your resume before drafting it to the firm, and correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Below is a sample recruiter consultant resume that will help you in understanding the format and writing technique involved in writing a resume. The resume contains fictional details, and you can update it as per your need and requirement.

Sample Small Business Consultant Resume

Clifton T. Gray
2956 College View
Highland, IL 62249
Telephone: 2828 8812

Objective: Looking forward to pursue a career as a consultant in emerging business company, where I can use my skills and expertise in the field of business and commerce for the progress and growth of the firm.

Career Profile: I am currently engaged with a business consultancy firm, where I provide necessary recommendations and suggestions to clients for the better progress, and growth of their business.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Possess a professional experience of 3 years in the field
  • Excellent knowledge about the business processes involved in a small scale industry
  • Ability to promote better business operations thinking about long term and short term benefits
  • Excellent analytical and accounting skills
  • Ability to predict the future, and take necessary steps accordingly
  • Possess good problem solving skills
  • Proficient in both verbal and written communication
  • Good knowledge of several official computer software

Professional Experience:

Firm: Andrew's Business Solutions
Designation: Business Consultant
Duration: May 2011 to June 2012

  • Primarily engaged in providing consultancy services to clients associated with small or emerging business firms
  • Provided recommendations to clients in areas that requires growth and development
  • Management of clients from different business sectors

Firm: Zebra Turf
Designation: Business Consultant
Duration: 2009 to May 20011

  • Provided recommendation and suggestions in areas that require development
  • Designing and executing new administration reforms for better growth and increasing productivity
  • Supervising of various business processes and making changes, if any.


  • Completed Masters in Business Administration from Washington University 2008
  • Completed Bachelor's in Business Administration from University of New York 2006.

I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.

Enclosure: Resume, Appreciation letter.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

By following the above sample format and tips, you will have the potential to create a captivating recruiter consultant resume, that will surely help you in your job application process.

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