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Science Consultant Resume

Applicants applying for the position of a science consultant must construct a proper science consultant resume that portrays his knowledge and expertise for working for the post. Science consultants are consultants who work on a commercial or government level, to provide a variety of scientific issues for their clients. For instance, science consultants can instruct their clients on the environmental hazards, on the use of a certain chemical in their manufacturing of consumer goods. Their area or domain of work is quite extensive, and they are primarily assigned to instruct or recommend the client about the safe and proper use of materials and substances, so as to cause minimum or no pollution, and also use raw materials in such a manner, that there is no wastage, and maximum usage of it.

Applicants possessing expertise in the domain of a science consultant, must write a compelling resume that describes their ability to work for the position. Although drafting a resume is easy for many of us, it is a difficult task for those who do not possess a proper knowledge in writing a resume. Below mentioned are some important tips that will help you in constructing a resume appropriately.

Tips for writing a Science Consultant Resume

  • Format: Choose a suitable layout for writing your resume. Formatting allows an improved appearance of the resume, and makes the resume properly organized and systematic.

  • Proper Tone: Use formal tone while writing your resume. Using of casual or informal words and phrases is prohibited, as it affects the quality of your resume, and makes it appear unprofessional.

  • Objective statement: Write an apt objective statement while writing your resume and describe your intention behind joining the firm. Targeting the audience is important, and writing an attractive objective statement facilitates the recruiter in grasping what you are looking for.

  • Profile summary: Write a profile summary stating what professional background you hail from, and what your skills and assets are. It must be brief, and should be completed in no more than 2 lines.

  • Portray your skills: Illustrate your skills and assets in an appropriate section, unfolding in front of the recruiter, the skills, knowledge, talents, and expertise you hold in the field.

  • Professional Experience: Your previous professional experience counts, and therefore, you must give a full account of your professional history. Provide the names of the firms you were connected with, along with the responsibilities performed in each organization.

  • Academics: Write about your academic achievements, and mention the degrees and certificates you have achieved while you were pursuing your education.

Below is a sample science consultant resume that will help you in understanding the format and writing technique involved in writing a resume.

Sample Science Consultant Resume

Ronnie L. McLennan
3478 Jennifer Lane
Durham, NC 27713

Objective: Seeking a position in a organization as a science consultant where I can use my skills and expertise in environmental science for the safe and sound progress of the firm without any hassles.

Career Profile: I am presently associated with Lexus Group as a Science Consultant, providing them with necessary instructions for better and strategic use of resources without harming the nature. I possess excellent knowledge in the field of environmental science, along with good communication and presentation skills.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Possess a professional experience of 4 years in the field
  • Possess excellent scientific knowledge in the field of environment, pollutions, pollutants, etc.
  • Proficient in performing laboratory experiments, and possess good knowledge of laboratory equipments
  • Excellent analytical and reasoning skills
  • Expertise in collecting reports from various fields, and making presentations
  • Good communication skills with expertise in both written and verbal communication

Professional Experience:

Firm: Lexus Group
Designation: Science Consultant
Duration: May 2010 to May 2012

  • Primarily assigned to analyze the emissions made by the factory outlet
  • Researching on samples collected, and making reports
  • Recommending strategies to reduce pollution caused by industrial waste
  • Conducting recycling of waste products produced by the firm
  • Better and Eco-friendly use of resources

Firm: Triscom Industries
Designation: Science Consultant
Duration: April 2008 to April 2010

  • Conducting laboratory experiments of various samples collected
  • Making recommendation and alternative solutions on the better use of resources for the production of finished goods
  • Monitoring waste disposal procedures, and maintaining safety procedures and standards.


  • Completed Masters in Environmental Science form University of Miami in 2006.
  • Completed graduation in Science form Stanford University in 2003.

I hereby declare that the information provided above is true as per my knowledge.

Enclosure: Resume, Appreciation letter.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

By following the above sample format and tips, you will have the potential to make an appealing science consultant resume, that will surely help you in your job application process.

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