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Quality Assurance Consultant Resume

Before a product is launched in the market, it is send to the quality assurance department to ensure that the product is according to safety and quality norms decided company. A Quality Assurance Technician is one of the most important positions in the QA(Quality Assurance) department. They are responsible perform QA (Quality Assurance) testing.

What are the work responsibilities of a QA (Quality Assurance Consultant)?

  • A quality analyst is responsible to carry out the test procedures on the product
  • To send the test report to the R&D (Research & Development) department
  • Responsible to implement positive and negative test cases
  • To send report to the production team of the test carried out
  • To ensure that different testing standards are implemented according to the product
  • Responsible to cross check the testing measures as per the government rules
  • To ensure safety of the employees involved in testing procedures

You are well acquainted with the job responsibilities of a Quality Assurance; the basic qualification depends on the industry in which quality testing is done. For example, in software industry engineers are required, and in FMCG (say, food products) food analysts are required. If you are aspiring to apply for the position of a QA Analyst and need guidance regarding resume writing, read on the sample quality assurance resume given below.

Sample Quality Assurance Consultant Resume:

Erica H. Barger
87,990 HK bl.
4621 Lightning Point Drive
Memphis, TN 38128
Contact Number: 872-333-4321
Email Address:

Career Objective:

To work as a Quality Assurance Consultant Executive in a reputed organization, and to apply the skills I have learned over the years.

Career Summary:

I worked in TT software Groups Pvt. Ltd. for 6 as a Junior Quality Assurance Consultant. I joined HTHHJ Groups Pvt. Ltd., later as a Senior Quality Assurance Consultant and worked there for 4 years.

Educational Details:

  • Masters of Business Administration(Operations), State University of Memphis, TN
  • Bachelors of Engineering(Computer Science), State University of Memphis, TN
  • St. Paul's High School, High School Certificate, Memphis, TN

Work Experience:

Industry: TT software Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Junior Quality Assurance Consultant
Duration: 3 years


  • To write test cases - positive and negative tests for automobile software
  • To analyze the test reports and give feedback to the manufacturing team
  • Responsible to report to the Quality Assurance Consultant Executive about the number of tests carried out and the results
  • Responsible to carry out regression testing, vibration testing(in case of hardware)
  • To make a database of all the errors/bugs and find the errors location in the code
  • Responsible to understand the product algorithm and give presentations to the QA(Quality Assurance) team
  • Responsible to trouble shoot the errors in the software testing algorithms
  • Responsible to carry out manual and software testing

Industry: HTHHJ Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Senior Quality Assurance Consultant
Duration: 4 years


  • Responsible to carry out testing on FMCG products and PLC software for machines
  • Responsible to check food products (effects temperature requirements, humidity etc )
  • Responsible to check the PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) algorithm for Lathe machines
  • To prepare a database of the problems faced in storage, margin requirements, specifications etc., and submit it to Quality Assurance Consultant Executive
  • To give instructions to the testing teams about the software and hardware requirements and explain the margin specifications
  • To cross check the testing standards with the specifications provided by the government
  • To test the products keeping in mind the atmospheric conditions, usage in the countries where the product is to be exported

Certifications and Skills:

  • SAP 6.0 certification
  • Good communication skills
  • ISQTB certifications

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 14 June, 981
Languages Known: Korean, Sanskrit, English, German, French, Japanese
Hobbies: Playing baseball, football, sky-diving, skiing, playing piano


  1. Gary L. Short
    98, ii Bl.
    4179 Ruckman Road
    Oklahoma City, OK 73102
    Contact Number: 982-903-2313
    Email Address:

  2. Jesus R. Frausto
    872 Beechwood Avenue
    Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927
    Contact Number: 783-432-4321
    Email Address:

After reading the quality assurance consultant resume given above, you would have got a clear understanding of how a resume is written. Also, make sure you proof read your resume and check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You should keep in mind to strictly use formal language and avoid writing details in paragraphs. Keep your resume neat and clean, if you are submitting a hard-copy. In case of any doubt you can refer the sample quality assurance consultant resume given above.

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