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Project Management Consultant Resume

Project management consultant services are hired to avail management and organization expertise to accomplish the projects successfully. Hence, consultants are responsible for administration assistance and useful advices to monitor smooth development of projects. Hence, a project management consultant resume should project the managerial excellence and good organization skills to provide advisory support to plan and implement the projects. Here is a list of some of the essential assistance services provided by the project management consultant. Go through them to understand the positional requirements in depth.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Providing advisory support to acquire quality materials, calculation of project requirements, good material handling, and budget management
  • Supporting management with useful tools and techniques for optimum utilization of resources and quality control
  • Establishing project budget and ensuring good control measures to serve your project management objectives
  • Developing and maintaining useful records and documentation essential for legal purposes
  • Accepting the challenges to offer highly customized services that will offer the clients with enhanced satisfaction and ensuring timely services and delivery
  • Providing technical assistance and solving the customer queries in relation to project plans, layouts, designs, developments, and project management

Thus, as a consultant, a sample resume needs to present and discuss the project management skills and expertise at dealing with the issues involved. State in depth understanding of the matters and professional exposure to manage projects in an excellent way.

Here is a sample project management consultant resume that will provide you with the required assistance to draft your resume.

Lucas M. Fasching
1381 Sun Valley Road
Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: 846-736-8363
Email Address:


Aspiring for the consultant's position in an organization that can offer me with strong growth and development opportunities to utilize my potential at dealing with project management functions. So with a wide gained professional experience in the field, I would like to handle independent responsibilities for providing effective advisory services.


  • Wide gained practices and experience at offering project management services
  • Handled management advisory services for a year
  • Practiced professional, having strong project management industry experience
  • Familiar with current developments in the field of project management


  • Good administration and organization skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Efficient operational practices with optimum utilization of resources
  • Good leadership skills with a team building abilities
  • Critical thinking and problem solving aptitude to solve issues raised and effectively monitor the required changes

Technical skills:

  • A recognized expert and visionary in the field to have completed Level 4 Complex Project Expert as per Office of Government Commerce (OGC) norms
  • CMI Executive Diploma in Project Management
  • Proficiently handled Auto CAD (Automated Computer Aided Designing) operations
  • Practiced at operating Microsoft Office functions management
  • Well familiar with networking and development functions
  • Good database management (DBMS) functions


  • Completed PMP (Project Management Professional) qualification from Eastern Washington University in 2000
  • Completed Ph. D. in Advanced Engineering Processes and Techniques Management
  • Completed a Diploma course in 'Advanced Technician and Administration Management'
  • Certified and trained Project Management Professional

Professional experience:

Ereka Construction Industries Pvt. Ltd. Holly Hill, FL
Designation: Assistant Project Management Consultant
2010-till date
Role and responsibilities

  • Supervised and managed a variety of project execution services as a part of the project management team
  • Interacting with the management and executives to offer them the required feedback to manage projects and construction sites
  • Coordinated and arranged a variety of activities to develop and execute technical solutions successfully
  • Helping to manage financial and administration functions by making the best use of relations managed with the key parties
  • Supporting the management with essential details or information that will serve as a basis for effective decision making

TRR Construction Industries Pvt. Ltd. Louisville, KY
Designation: Project Management Professional
Role and responsibilities

  • Carried out administration and execution functions to monitor successful development of projects
  • Managed operational efficiency and timely services by coordinating a system's approach to project management
  • Developed effective solutions to solve technological issues in relation to project execution and provided the management with useful information to have sound decisions
  • Supervised and monitored the development of projects by managing strong relations with the key parties
  • Coordinated essential exercises and on field work force to get the things done to complete the projects within the given time schedules


  • Recognized as 'The Innovator of the Year 2009' for carrying out effective research to generate new technological solutions to solve critical issues in relation to project execution tools and techniques
  • Received 'The Best Manager of the Year 2010' for accomplishing the given targets and achievement of the given objectives


  • Affiliated to a club formed to discuss and find new technological solutions to the engineering practices
  • An active member of an association formed for recording the different administration issues faced by project manager and to discuss them in order to generate effective development solutions

Mobility and Flexibility:

Quite mobile and adaptable to the changing work environment demands and requirements. With a flexible and speedy learning aptitude, able to work at flexible working hours. Ability to meet the given deadlines and serve the client's customized requirements.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Lucas M. Fasching

Once having a look at the above given sample, it would be clear that all you have to do is customize your resume according to the position you are applying for. So take efforts to research about the given position and present your professional expertise to provide advisory services to execute the projects successfully. Thus, it needs in depth understanding of the field and supplementary skills set that would assist you to accomplish the jobs efficiently.

Thus, highlight your good administration and customer relationship management skills to offer the industry's best services and practices to coordinate essential functions and accomplish the given objectives.

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