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Project Consultant Resume

Employees who provide assistance and support in the smooth running and progressive functioning of a project are known as project consultants. A majority of firms and organizations work on projects and assignments. A project has several branches and the synchronized work of all the branches results in the proper running of the project. A project consultant is assigned for directing the project and making necessary recommendations in areas that require improvement for the smooth working and completion of the project. Planning is also an important part of a project and a project consultant plays a vital role in the proper planning and programming of the project. Determining and removing the risk factors is also one of the many responsibilities performed by a project consultant.

Applicants having the potential to work as a project consultant in a firm, and willing to apply for the post must first write a proper project consultant resume that describes their ability to manage and handle projects of various types and stature. Their resume must portray their ability of being highly analytical, ability to determine and execute new plans and programs, good written and verbal communication skills, etc. Recruiters comes across a large number of resumes when there is a job vacancy. It is therefore important that you draft a resume that can survive the competition and compels the recruiter to take a decision in your favor. Below mentioned are some points that will help you in drafting a resume that looks apt and serves the purpose well.

Tips for writing a Project Consultant Resume

  • Provide proper contact information in the beginning of the resume; aligned to the left on the top corner of the document. Mention you name followed by your postal address, email, and telephone number. Make sure you provide relevant details as recruiters will contact you for giving feedback.
  • Provide an appealing objective statement in the beginning. Mention what you are looking for, your aims and goals, and how you wish to achieve them. Your objective statement must not be more than 2 lines.
  • Give a detailed description of your profile in the profile description section describing about your current profile and your professional pursuits. If you are writing your profile summary in detail, use bulleted points or else make it short and don't exceed above 3 lines.
  • Describe your skills and expertise in detail making the recruiter aware of your talents and skills Use bulleted points and make sure that you mention all your skills and talents you possess that makes you the right candidate for the position.
  • Your work experience matters as it makes the recruiter aware of your professional career and your past ventures. Recruiters need to know the area or domain you specialize in and therefore you must provide a detailed description of the firms you were involved with, and the responsibilities performed in each.
  • Make the recruiter knowledgeable about you academic pursuits describing him about the degrees and accolades you received while in school, college or university.

Below is a sample of project consultant resume that will guide you more in understanding the format and writing technique involved in writing a resume.

Sample Project Consultant Resume

Edward L. Amore
2122 Lindale Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612
843 09202

Career Objective: Looking forward to pursue a career as a project consultant in a reputed firm where I can use my skills and knowledge I possess in the field for handling important projects thus contributing in the progressive growth and development of the firm.

Career Profile: Presently I am working as a project consultant in D-Mac Electronics where I have been associated for a period of 2 years. Possess excellent project management and assignment handling skills with sound expertise in both written and verbal communication.

Summary of Skills:

  • Possess an experience of 4 years in the field of Project Consultancy.
  • Expertise in handling projects and assignments of any stature or kind.
  • Proficient in delivering expert advise for the proper working and development of projects.
  • Full knowledge of the various aspects and sectors in projects and assignments.
  • Ability to provide recommendations and suggestions in areas that require improvement.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to manage clients and understand their requirement.

Professional Summary:

Firm: D-Mac Electronics
Designation: Project Consultant
Duration: July 2010 to July 2012

  • Primarily assigned to develop new ideas and plans for the smooth running of projects and assignments.
  • Recommending solutions and providing suggestions in various issues related to projects and assignments.
  • Directing the course of work performed by various employees engaged in the project.
  • Supervising the project and its progress.

Firm: Hellenic Corporation
Designation: Project Consultant
Duration: June 2008 to June 2010

  • Handled various clients with their projects and assignments.
  • Providing necessary suggestions and recommendations for the smooth functioning and running of the projects.
  • Supervising various projects and making necessary suggestions in terms of risk factors involved, asset and wealth management, course of work, etc.
  • Played major role in the planning and directing of the project and determining the course of action by employees and workers involved in the project.


  • Completed Masters in Business Administration from University of Miami in 2007.
  • Graduated in Economics from University of Miami in 2005.

Enclosure: Resume, Appreciation Letter.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

The above sample of project consultant resume contains fictitious details and you can update is accordingly as per your need and requirement. By following the sample and tips above you can surely create and draft of a resume that will both be approved and appreciated by the employer.

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