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Personal Protection Consultant Resume

Personal protection consultants are employees that are hired by private firms, government organizations, and consulting agencies for providing safety to employees, clients, customers, and the general public. Applicants applying for the position of a personal protection consultant must first construct a proper personal protection consultant resume, that describes their expertise for working in the position. Your personal protection consultant resume must describe your skills and specialty in providing consultancy services, in the field of personal protection and security.

Many applicants face rejection in a job application as their resume is not up to the mark, and is presented in an inappropriate manner. It is therefore important that you should know the correct procedure of constructing a resume, if you want to get it approved by the recruiter. A properly designed and choreographed resume makes it easy for the recruiter to read and understand the resume, and decide on the eligibility of the applicant. Below mentioned are some important points that you must include while writing your resume.

Things you need to add while writing your resume

  • Contact details: Provide appropriate contact details on the top, or as per the format in your resume. Provide proper email address, telephone number, and mailing address, so that it becomes easy for the recruiter to contact you at the time of need.

  • Objective: Mention your objective clearly in the beginning of your resume. Without an objective, your resume will appear aimless. Your objective statement must not be more than two lines, and you must mention in it what you are looking for, your aims, goals, expertise, etc.

  • Career Profile: Write about your profile and describe in which area of work you specialize. You must write about your professional experience, and what you have gained from your past experiences in the professional context.

  • Skills: You must write about your skills and expertise in a descriptive manner. Write in bulleted points, and mention your skills and specialties properly in this section. You can sub divide it into general and technical skills.

  • Work Experience: It is an important segment, and you must write appropriately about the past professional experiences in a chronological manner. Write about the firms and the responsibilities performed in each you were engaged in professionally, in the past.

  • Academics: Write about your academic achievements and goals. Mention the degrees you have received, specifying the institution, course and year of passing.

Below is a sample of personal protection consultant resume, which applicants having difficulty in understanding the format or writing technique, can refer to. It contains fictitious details applicants can update it keeping the same format.

Sample Personal Protection Consultant Resume

Pamela A. Souza
2483 Garfield Road
East Peoria, IL 61611
Telephone: 2992 8187722

Objective: Looking forward to seek a position of a personal protection consultant in an established organization where my expertise in providing personal protection and safety in the field, will be productive for the organization and will help in providing effective protection and safety recommendations to the clients.

Current Profile: With a work experience of 3 years in the field as a Protection Consultant, by engaging professionally with 2 of the most renowned firms in the present times. Possess excellent communication along with client management skills.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Ability to understand the need and requirement of the clients, and proceed accordingly.
  • Possess excellent communication skills, and ability to talk and discuss issues with clients
  • Possess full knowledge of the latest developments in personal protection and security
  • Ability to analyze and inspect client's property, and provide necessary recommendations in areas of improvement
  • Ability to design new security plans as per client requirement
  • Expertise in reading, judging, and managing various scenarios related to protection and safety
  • Possess excellent behavioral, work management, and time management skills

Professional Experience:

Firm: Successful Security Solutions
Designation: Personal Protection Consultant
Duration: June 2010 to May2012

  • Primarily assigned to handle clients, and understanding their requirement
  • Designing new plans and programs, and upgrading personal protection for clients and customers.
  • Site inspection and providing recommendations in necessary areas.

Firm: Safety First Consultancy
Designation: Personal Protection Consultant
Duration: December 2008 to January 2010

  • Assigned for handling and management of clients
  • Using the best of resources, and making new plans and programs for better safety of the client, and client's property
  • Inspection of the whereabouts of the client, checking of client's automobile, home, office, etc., and providing necessary recommendations.

Academic History:

  • Completed Bachelors in Arts for Texas University in 2007
  • Achieved Diploma in Personal Protection and Safety from Wellington Institute New York in 2008.

I hereby declare that the information provided above is true as per my knowledge.

Reference: Will be furnished on request.

By following the above sample of personal protection consultant resume and the tips provided for constructing one, you can surely write a resume that will be both appreciated and approved by the recruiter during your job application.

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