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Internet Marketing Consultant Resume

Recruiters come across a large number of resumes during a job application. It is therefore crucial that you draft a resume that is unique in nature, persuasive and appealing. If you possess the required skills and experience as an internet marketing consultant, you must write an internet marketing consultant resume that describes your potentiality and interest to work for the position, and be a productive asset for the firm. Internet marketing is basically the marketing of products through Internet. Internet marketing consultant is an employee who provides technical solutions and recommendations to clients, in sectors that consist of web development, advertising and marketing.

Applicants applying for the internet marketing consultant post, and possess no knowledge or have little acquaintance in constructing a resume, must follow the tips and guidelines mentioned below. Following these tips, you will surely be able to construct a resume that will be both appreciated and approved by the employer.

Resume writing tips for Internet Marketing Consultant Resume

  • Follow an appropriate format that compliments the post. You can get a format by searching online, and there are several format styles available from which you can select one, and construct your resume.
  • Your resume must maintain an official tone. Resume is meant to serve an official purpose. So writing it in an official tone is compulsory, and it also reflects professionalism.
  • Length is important and make sure that you don't draft a long resume that looks rather boring than interesting to the reader.
  • Do not address your resume to any particular person or firm. The cover letter that goes along with it, will serve that purpose. Write an attractive cover letter that suits and complements your resume.
  • Provide only those details that are relevant to the post. Do not provide unnecessary details, as it may hamper the quality of the resume, and the reader may loose interest in reading it.
  • Highlighting strengths and achievements is helpful for drawing the attention of the recruiter. It also helps in making the recruiter realize your potentiality, and helps him in determining your eligibility for the post.
  • Proofreading after completion of the resume is important, as it helps to eliminate possibilities of typo errors and grammatical mistakes, and facilitates in the submission of an flawless resume.

Below is a sample internet marketing resume that will provide more assistance in the appropriate construction of your job resume.

Sample Internet Marketing Consultant Resume

John R. Evans
1269 Rowes Lane
Cunningham, KY 42035
Telephone: 9438754398

Career Objective: Looking forward to seek a challenging position in an organization where I can use my marketing skills and expertise that I have gained over the years in the field of marketing, for the progress and development of your firm.

Career Profile: Possess a professional experience of 8 years as an internet marketing consultant with the opportunity to work for some of the most reputed firms in the market. Highly proficient with computers, with excellent communication skills, and possess strong knowledge with the various allied aspects in the arena.

Core Skills:

  • Professional experience of 8 years in the field
  • Expert knowledge in Internet marketing
  • Hold good computing and analytical expertise
  • Proficiency in market strategy planning and analysis.
  • Expertise in management of clients
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Possess excellent ability to work in teams
  • Ability to work under pressure, and adapt to various situations
  • Possess team management and leadership skills

Professional History:

Firm: Xpert Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.
Post: Internet Marketing Consultant
Duration: January 2008 to January 2012

  • Interacting with clients and understanding their needs and requirements
  • Designing new plans and programs as per client requisites
  • Delivering product presentation
  • Setting sales goals and analyzing latest trends in internet marketing
  • Making records and analyzing sales trends

Firm: Cosmos Software solutions
Post: Internet Marketing Consultant
Duration: February 2006 to December 2008

  • Responsible for providing recommendations in areas of improvement
  • Making and analyzing latest trends in Internet marketing
  • Preparing and presenting meaningful statistical reports
  • Developing new policies and programs in the internet marketing of products and services

Firm: Hathaway Infolink Software Solutions
Post: Internet Marketing Consultant
Duration: January 2004 to January 2006

  • Primarily assigned to develop new marketing strategies in the field of Internet marketing
  • Recommending new plans, programs and suggestions for better marketing of products and services through the Internet

Academic Profile:

  • Did Graduation in Commerce with specialty in Finance from Miami University in 2001.
  • Finished Masters in Business Administration in Marketing and Sales from California University in 2003

I hereby declare that the details provided above are true as per my knowledge.

Enclosure: Resume, Appreciation letter.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

The sample and tips provided above, on how to write an Internet Marketing Consultant will surely provide applicants with suitable access that will help them in improving their resume writing standards, and creating better resumes for their job application.

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