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Fitness Consultant Resume

An applicant possessing good knowledge and expertise as a fitness consultant, and willing to apply for the position must first furnish an appealing fitness consultant resume that describes his ability to work for the post, and be a positive asset for the firm. A fitness consultant is a professional that provides presentations, recommendations, and consultations to clients individually, or in groups, primarily focusing on issues that deals with health, exercise, physical activities, diet and nutrition. A fitness consultant must possess good communication and interaction skills, along with certified knowledge in fitness training and nutrition. Client management is also important as he has to work with a wide range of clients of various age groups, and understand their need and requirement. Applicant writing a resume for the post must try to capitalize on these core skills and aspects that are necessary for becoming a successful fitness consultant. Below mentioned are some important points, following which you can construct a better resume that will represent yourself appropriately in front of the recruiter.

Fitness Consultant Resume writing tips

  • Concentrate on the format: Select a format for constructing your resume. There are different types of format styles available, like chronological, functional, chrono-functional. For writing a fitness consultant resume you can use the chrono-functional format, where in you can put emphasis on your skills and talents, as well as mention your work experience in a chronological way.

  • Maintain a formal tone: The language you use in writing your resume, must be formal, which will give it a professional appeal. Casual words and phrases must be avoided.

  • Maintain appropriate size and length: Your resume must be of the appropriate length. It should not be too long, as readers wont show much interest in reading it. Simplify your resume by using bulleted points, and dividing it into several sections like personal, professional, academic, etc.

  • Clarify your objective: You must clearly write your objective stating your aims and goals, and how you wish to achieve them by using your knowledge and expertise.

  • Highlight your skills: You must portray a total picture of the skills and talents you possess in the field of fitness consultancy. Talk about your communication, organizational, and client management skills that makes you the right candidate for the post.

  • Describe your career trajectory: Write about the professional experience you have received over the years, and describe the responsibilities you have handled in each firm. You must write your professional history in a chronological pattern.

  • Proof read your resume: Proof reading makes your resume error free, and helps in flawless resume presentation.

Sample Fitness Consultant Resume

Peter T.Oleson
1969 Southside Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90044
Telephone: 93485 92393

Objective: Looking forward to work as a Fitness Consultant in a reputed organization, where I can use my skills and knowledge in providing expert solutions to clients for becoming fit and healthy, and solve their fitness related issues.

Profile Summary: I have a professional experience of 4 years in the field of Fitness Consultancy, working with two established organizations helping their clients achieve the required fitness and health, by making changes in their nutrition, and executing planned fitness workout procedures. Possess excellent communication skills along with expert knowledge in healthy nutrition and physical workout programs.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Possess excellent communication skills
  • Expertise in management of clients
  • Proficiency in understanding the needs and requirements of clients
  • Ability to design and execute new diet and workout training programs on clients
  • Good knowledge in providing solutions to diet and nutrition related issues
  • Expertise in designing new exercise and workout plans and programs
  • Ability to associate clients, and make them effectively engaged in diet programs and physical trainings

Professional Experience:

Firm: County Club Health Center, Miami
Designation: Fitness Consultant
Duration: April 2010 - April 2012

  • Primarily assigned to manage clients and members associated with the firm
  • Designing client specific fitness regime and training
  • Designing new plans and programs for different clients
  • Handling clients of all ages
  • Communicating with clients and understanding their requirements

Firm: California Health Center, San Francisco
Designation: Fitness Consultant
Duration: April 2008 - March 2010

  • Management of clients with fitness related issues
  • Planning and executing new plans and programs related to diet and physical workout
  • Administering clients and making suggestions while performing physical workouts and activities


  • Completed diploma in Fitness Training and Diet from Amazon Health Institute in 2007.
  • Completed graduation in Arts from California University in 2006.

Personal Interests: Adventure sports, traveling, Sports, exercising, etc.

I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.

Enclosures: Resume, Appreciation letter.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

By following the above tips and sample of fitness consultant resume, you will surely be able to choreograph your own resume effectively, and will be able to apply successfully for the post.

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