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Financial Consultant Resume

Submitting a proper resume while applying for a job is important, as it increases the chances of your job approval. If you possess sufficient skills and expertise as a financial consultant, and wish to apply for the post, you must furnish a financial consultant resume that dictates your potentiality and ability to work for the post. A financial consultant plays an important role in a firm, by providing recommendations and assistance in financial asset management, and also provides effective suggestions and solutions related to problems associated with capital and finance.

Applicants applying for the position must therefore submit an effective resume that gives a total picture of his professional, personal and academic backgrounds. Although as easy as it sounds, many of us are not able to furnish and draft a proper resume that can create a positive impact on the employer. It happens because of several reasons, our lack of knowledge of the rules and guidelines involved in writing resumes being the primary one. With a proper knowledge of guidelines, and following them accordingly, we will surely be able to furnish a resume that can create an effective impression of you on the recruiter. Below mentioned are some important tips that will help you in writing your resume.

Tips for writing a proper financial consultant resume

  • Give a proper introduction: Start your resume by giving proper contact details that possess your proper mailing address, along with your telephone number and email address. Make sure you provide accurate details here, as the recruiter will contact you if your resume is approved.

  • Tell your story: Write a proper objective and profile summary that describes your profile, professional experience, and also tells your skills and knowledge you possess in the field. Describe how you will be a productive asset for the firm, and how you will achieve your goals and targets by using your expertise.

  • Make it brief and compact: Your resume must be brief, and should not be too lengthy. Make sure you provide only relevant details in your resume, and use bulleted points for paragraphs instead.

  • Follow a proper tone and lingo: Your resume must possess an appropriate official tone, and should not sound informal or casual. Recruiters may not possess much information about your profile or the profile you are applying for, so make sure your resume is easy to read and interpretable.

  • Highlight important points: Highlight important points in which you want to focus the attention of the recruiter. Highlight your skills, expertise, achievements, and other details you find important and worth mentioning.

  • Subdivide your resume: Subdivide your resume into several categories like professional experience, academic history, achievements, personal interests, etc.

  • Proof read: You must proof read your resume, and make necessary corrections before drafting it to the recruiter.

Sample Financial Consultant Resume

Tony B. Mathews
4417 Vesta Drive
Chicago, IL 60631
Telephone: 944 99923

Career Objective: Looking forward to work for the challenging position of financial consultant in a reputed firm, where my skills and expertise will be used for the progress of the firm, and will provide me with quality experience.

Career Summary: With an abundant amount of experience working as a financial consultant in 2 most prestigious firms, I possess excellent analytical and accounting knowledge in the field, with expertise delivering consultancy services in the field of finance and financial asset management.

Skills and Objective:

  • Possess 6 years of professional experience in the field
  • Possess good academic background in the field of finance and accounting
  • Ability to analyze different types of financial problems and provide solutions
  • Experienced in designing new plans and programs for better financial resource management
  • Operating knowledge of various official softwares and operating systems
  • Expertise in both written and verbal forms of communication

Professional History:

Firm: Amazon Networks
Designation: Financial Consultant
Duration: February 2009 to March 2012

  • Examine the various types of financial records and deriving data through analysis.
  • Performing critical analytical analysis on various financial situations, and recommending new plans and programs in areas of improvement.
  • Designing new plans and programs as per client requirement and need.
  • Suggesting solutions in financial issues.
  • Coordinating with other team members in case of projects and assignments.

Firm: Sonic Electronics
Designation: Financial Consultant
Duration: January 2006 to January 2009

  • Examine the financial records, transactions, and activities of the organization
  • Checking of areas where improvement is required for better financial growth
  • Making new programs and procedures in financial matters
  • Coordinating with team members and provided services during projects and assignments


  • Completed Masters in Finance from Saint Xever's Memorial University in 2005
  • Completed Bachelors Degree in Commerce with specialization in accounting from New York University in 2003

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.

Enclosure: Resume, Appreciation letter.

Reference: Will be submitted on request.

The above sample and tips will go a long way in assisting applicants for constructing their own financial consultant resume. The sample provided above contains fictitious details, and applicants can update it by providing their own facts and figures.

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