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Fashion Consultant Resume

A resume describes your skills and expertise, and gives a detailed description of you personal, academic, and professional pursuits to the employer, during a job application. It is an important document, and plays a big role in your job approval, and if you draft a resume that is inappropriately designed and written, you wont be approved for further interview. Although drafting a good resume doesn't provide a hundred percent job grantee it surely will help you in getting approved for further interview rounds. Believe it or not, many applicants fail in a job application, just because their resumes were faulty and written improperly. It is therefore important for those applying for the position of a Fashion Consultant to write an effective Fashion Consultant resume that explains their skills and assets appropriately with a touch of creativity and flawlessness.

Fashion consultants are professionals who provide help and assistance to their clients, especially renowned bodies like business tycoons, politicians, celebrities, etc., who are in requirement of a fashion intervention. Fashion consultants help their clients in buying and wearing different types of outfits, make them knowledgeable of contemporary fashion, and recommend them the style and look that suits them the most. Fashion consultants are generally employed in fashion houses, department stores, retail chain stores, and consultancy firms. Applicants who have the required skills and work experience in fashion consultancy, and willing to apply for the post, must first get involved in writing a resume that effectively capitalize their skills and qualities during a job application. Applicants can follow the below mentioned tips and suggestions while writing a promising fashion consultant resume.

Tips for writing a better fashion consultant resume

  • Adopt a Proper Format: Format is required for giving the resume its shape and form, and a better format facilitates better resume presentation. So it is important that you select a proper format for you resume, and there are samples provided on-line, from which you can select an appropriate format that suits your profile.

  • Write in Formal Tone: Formal tone is highly recommended while writing your resume. It gives the resume a professional appearance, and stands perfectly in meeting the official terms and standards.

  • Explain your Goals and Objective: You must explain your objective behind joining the firm, and how you plan to promote further development and progress of the firm, by using your skills and expertise in the field.

  • Describe your Assets: You must describe your skills and knowledge you possess in the field. Recruiters will be interested in knowing the skills and expertise you possess, so as to judge on your eligibility for the post.

  • Write about your Professional Experience: Give a detailed description of the professional exposure you have received in the past, by writing about the responsibilities and time period you have served in each firm.

  • Explain your Academic Pursuits: Explain your academic achievements, and the degrees and accolades you have achieved in your academic career.

  • Proof read your resume: Proof reading helps in the delivery of a flawless resume, and therefore, you must proofread your resume several times before drafting your resume to the recruiter.

Sol A. Smith
2486 Snyder Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28208
Telephone: 202 39939499

Objective: Looking forward to pursue a career as a fashion consultant in a reputed organization where I can use my fashion consultancy skills and expertise for the progress and growth of the organization, and also quality work experience.

Profile Summary: I possess a professional experience of 4 years in the field, contributing my time working with two profoundly established organization in the business of fashion. Possess excellent knowledge of contemporary fashion with being highly innovative and artistic, and rich in communication and client management skills.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Offering a professional experience of 4 years in the field
  • Possess excellent knowledge of fashion and contemporary trends and style
  • Rich knowledge in understanding colors, hues, fabrics, materials, quality of textiles, etc.
  • Expert knowledge in recommending clothing and style for clients belonging to various age groups
  • Excellent knowledge of accessories, footwear, ornaments, etc.
  • Expertise in suggesting the right hairstyle for different types of clothing and outfits
  • Designing cloths and outfits for various auspicious occasions
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Good client management and client treatment skills

Professional Experience:

Firm: Décor Fashion House Malibu
Duration: June 2010 to June 2012

  • Primary assignment was to handle various clients associated with the organization
  • Understanding their needs and requirement and designing garments accordingly
  • Recommending new fashion ideas and tips that facilitates in the better appearance, and upgrades the look of the clients
  • Making suggestions and recommendation in context to wearing outfits and accessories in various occasions and events
  • Providing training to new employees in the fashion business

Firm: Ozone Fashion House Miami
Duration: March 2008 to April 2010

  • Management of clients and customers
  • Reviewing their sense of fashion, and and making necessary recommendations
  • Designing new outfits for clients
  • Complete wardrobe makeover, and making clients aware of the latest trends in fashion and style


  • Completed Bachelors in Arts from University of California in 2007.
  • Completed 1 year diploma course in Fashion Countenance's.

Enclosure: Resume, appreciation letter.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

By following the above sample and tips for writing a fashion consultant resume, you can surely write a resume that will turn your job application into a successful one.

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