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Transportation Construction Inspector Resume

Transportation construction inspectors are responsible for checking the transportation vehicles used by the construction organizations to transport tools, machinery, and raw materials across different locations. They inspect the vehicles for safety purpose and make sure that the items shipped are as per the details received by the management. They are in regular contact with the management to ensure that all the vehicles entering the construction zone have genuine access. They also check whether the goods being transferred are in good condition and if damaged, they report the same to the management.

The transportation construction inspector resume should focus on displaying the experience of the applicant in good detail, as most of this job is learned while working. It should also display the educational qualifications of the applicant. Instances of bravery and good service can also be mentioned in the resume along with the achievements, if any. Applicants should keep in mind that the position that they are applying for is of high responsibility and the employers are very specific with who they want to choose for it. Hence, having a well written transportation construction inspector resume becomes very important.

Educationally, the employers require the applicants to have completed their high school. They should also have an experience of minimum 2 years in the same field. Below is a transportation construction inspector resume sample.

Herman C. Hahn
1827 Leverton Cove Road
Chesterfield, MA 01012
Phone: 413-296-6031

Career Objective:

To work for a reputed construction organization as a Transportation Construction Inspector, using my years of experience and expertise in inspection for the benefit of the company and my career.

Professional Summary:

Worked for 3 years as a Transportation Construction Inspector.

Key Skills:

  • Good inspection skills
  • Proficient in checking things in detail and performing different types of security checks
  • Good at giving orders and managing a team of medium to large size
  • Good knowledge of security rules and regulations to be followed
  • Capable of working in graveyard shifts
  • Good in operating computers for logging and reporting purposes
  • Good team member
  • Good analytical and logical skills
  • Proficient in performing checks with scrutiny, if required
  • Good knowledge of the handling and use of firearms

Educational Qualification:

  • High School: Saint YBTT High School, Andover, MA (March, 2011)

Professional Experience:

Transportation Construction Inspector: QWDD Construction Services Pvt. Ltd., 1000 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA
(April, 2013 till date)

  • Working in shifts while being a part of a team of 9 transportation construction inspectors
  • Performing thorough inspection of vehicles coming in and going out of the construction site
  • Setting up security posts at various locations to monitor the vehicles inside and outside the construction premises
  • Using state-of-the-art weapons and radio communication devices for communication and safekeeping of the premises
  • Avoiding unauthorized access to the construction premises
  • Working according to the schedule and handing over the details to the next colleague in duty with proper reports and specific instructions for the day
  • Regularly being in contact with the local security authorities to report any suspicious activities around the construction premises
  • Maintaining a large access database for finding people with accesses and the zones they are allowed into
  • Coordinating with the security posts in different posts and performing checks accordingly
  • Training security personnel for detecting bombs and illegal materials
  • Reporting of any abnormal activities to the higher management

Transportation Construction Inspector: KREWITZ Construction Services Pvt. Ltd. 10 Brookline Pl., Brookline, MA
(April, 2011 to March, 2013)

  • Maintaining a security border around the construction premises
  • Coordinating with the guards patrolling the construction premises for spotting any vehicles approaching or going out
  • Maintaining a clear communication between the management and security department to get the list of expected vehicles and goods being transported in them
  • Contacting the transportation agencies in case of delay of the expected vehicles
  • Thoroughly checking the vehicles for unauthorized materials and reporting the seniors about the same immediately
  • Monitoring the transportation vehicles via GPS and performing inquiries about the vehicles running behind schedule
  • Providing support to the main security departments in case of emergencies
  • Arranging for emergency ambulance support in case of accidents in the construction zone


  • "Best Transportation Construction Inspector Award" - Awarded by the senior security staff for excellent performance in the month on August, 2013
  • "Best Transportation Construction Inspector Award" - Awarded by the security manager for executing excellent inspection throughout the tenure


Name: Clarence S. Omeara
Designation: Inspection Manager
Organization: QWDD Construction Services Pvt. Ltd., 1000 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA
Phone: 618-709-4846

Name: James K. Pittman
Designation: Senior Inspection Supervisor
Organization: KREWITZ Construction Services Pvt. Ltd. 10 Brookline Pl., Brookline, MA
Phone: 5804-321-7021

The above transportation construction inspector resume example serves as a good reference. The applicants can make changes to it according to their necessity.

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