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General Maintenance Technician Resume

General maintenance technicians are skilled professionals who specialize in the maintenance of general electronic and mechanical appliances and machines. They work either on a freelance or full time basis in an organization. There is a high demand for this position, as every organization requires general maintenance technicians who are proficient in the repairing and maintenance of general purpose tools and machines used on a large scale in various organizations. They supervise a team of skilled individuals who are proficient with the use of general purpose machines and tools. For specific issues, they create a detailed error report and contact the specialists accordingly. The nature of job may change according to the changing clients and their requirements.

It is also important that the general maintenance technicians own good knowledge of computer operations and its hardware. They should have good communication skills in order to communicate effectively with the clients and know their exact requirements. They should be good with handling tools and must know the safety precautions to be followed while working, as they might work in risky situations occasionally. It is also required for them to be good at conducting electrical and electronic operations. The general maintenance technician resume should portray the applicant's skills in a fair and concise manner.

The applicant needs to have completed his graduation in electrical engineering or should have some equivalent degree relevant to the same field. A master's degree and job experience would help in making the resume more unique and increasing the odds of it winning the job interview call.

Below is a general maintenance technician resume sample.

Paul T. Martin
4823 Pike Street
San Diego, CA 92123

Career Objective:

To work with a reputed organization as a General Maintenance Technician, using my technical skills for the benefit of the organization and gaining professional growth.

Professional Summary:

3 years of professional experience as a General Maintenance Technician.

Key Skills:

  • Efficient in working with state-of-the-art tools and heavy machinery
  • In-depth knowledge of the latest trends and technologies being used in the market
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Good computer and hardware knowledge
  • Good people management skills
  • Average communication skills
  • In-depth knowledge of safety precautions and emergency first aid
  • Proficient in handling large projects and finishing them within the deadlines
  • Good at handling a team of general maintenance technicians
  • Good time management skills

Educational Qualification:

  • Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering: Frayer University, Santa Rosa, CA (April, 2009 - April, 2011)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering: Frayer University, Santa Rosa, CA (April, 2006 - April, 2009)
  • High School: St. Xavier's High School, Stuttgart, AR (March, 2006)

Professional Experience:

General Maintenance Technician: Rebek Industires International Pvt. Ltd., City of Industry, CA
(April, 2013 till date)

  • Managing a team of 10 general maintenance technicians
  • Creating and maintaining daily log reports for quality analysis purpose of the team members
  • Providing feedback to the employees based on their performance and advising on how they can improve it
  • Motivating the employees to do further research and enhance their skill sets
  • Providing emergency support in case of emergencies such as fire, etc.
  • Checking tools and other equipment on a daily basis to ensure safety
  • Maintaining the tools and machinery used in the organization
  • Providing support to various departments in case of machine failure and the basic precautionary steps needed to be followed while operating the same
  • Arranging events such as 'Safety Week' in the organization twice a year to promote employee safety and the best working practices followed at the workplace
  • Conducting workshops for educating the employees on the latest technological advancements
  • Ensuring proper that a workflow and communication is maintained within all the departments
  • Ensuring that a good buffer is maintained in case an employee resigns
  • Maintaining the attendance record to avoid any conflicts
  • Training new technicians with the daily workflow and conducting the induction on their first working day

General Maintenance Technician: Atlantic Industries Pvt. Ltd., 3000 S Robertson Blvd. Ste. 300, Los Angeles, CA
(May, 2011 to March, 2013)

  • Supervising a team of 5 general maintenance technicians
  • Researching the market for finding the latest trends being followed related to general maintenance
  • Managing contracts from the clients located both locally and offshore
  • Hiring new general maintenance technicians as required
  • Providing monthly feedback on the performance of the general maintenance technicians
  • Coordinating the tasks of the technicians in different departments, ensuring that proper maintenance has been done for all the machines in all the departments
  • Conducting workshops on time saving techniques
  • Arranging monthly seminars to promote employee safety precautions to be used while working under risky conditions
  • Ensuring that a proper communication is maintained between the technical and call center department for providing online support


  • "Best General Maintenance Technician Award" – Awarded by the staff for the month of July, 2013 for excellent performance
  • "Best General Maintenance Technician of the Month Award" – Awarded by the senior manager for above par performance during the month of September, 2012


Name: Kari C. Belisle
Designation: Senior Manager
Organization: Rebek Industires International Pvt. Ltd., 12801 Crossroads S Pkwy., City of Industry, CA
Phone: 860-778-5042

Name: Jennifer J. McGhee
Designation: Senior Technician Supervisor
Organization: Atlantic Industries Pvt. Ltd., 3000 S Robertson Blvd. St. 300, Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 972-742-3863

There is a very high demand for general maintenance technicians in the market. One must make sure that he drafts a good general maintenance technician resume. Refer to the above general maintenance technician resume example and make necessary changes as required.

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