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Field Construction Technician Resume

Field construction technicians are responsible for providing technical support in the construction field. They usually coordinate their tasks through radios and provide support wherever necessary. Due to the risky and tough nature of the construction work, tools and machinery tend to get damaged more frequently than usual. Hence, the need for field construction technicians was born. The employers expect them to be good team members and leaders, as most of the time, they work in teams for different projects.

A field construction technician resume should focus on portraying the key skills of the technician profile. It should clearly specify the specialization that the applicant has achieved along with the educational and experience details. These are skilled professionals who are trained to maintain and repair the machines used on a construction site. They await orders from the seniors who are involved in monitoring the activities of the workers across different departments. They need to be quick thinkers and dexterous with the tools they use to keep the machine downtime to a minimum and its effect on the production also to a minimum.

They are also called in case of accidents and emergencies, where their expertise is required to dismantle the machines in order to get the victims away from the situations. This position requires the applicant to be a graduate in electrical engineering or else hold a diploma in engineering to become eligible. Experience in a relevant field would help the resume to become more unique and will catch a better attention of the employers.

Field construction technician resume sample is as follows.

Carol F. McMillian
3043 Lucky Duck Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-879-8277

Career Objective:

To work in a well known construction organization as a Field Construction Technician, making use of my technical skills and knowledge of repairing any machinery as a part of my services towards the organization and achieve a better position in my career simultaneously.

Professional Summary:

Worked for 3 years as a Field Construction Technician.

Key Skills:

  • Adept in communication, following written and verbal instructions to the letter and communicating the same to colleagues as required
  • Above average skills in the maintenance and repair of machines
  • Good knowledge of electronics and various machine parts
  • Good network with third party spare part vendors across different locations
  • In-depth knowledge of the use and servicing of heavy and light machinery
  • Adept at leading a team towards a specified goal set by the management
  • Good in using the computer for the creation of reports and maintaining organized records
  • Good in making positive relationships with the clients
  • Focused on providing the best service possible by repairing the machinery as soon as possible

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering: ST. Mark College of Engineering, Johnstown, PA (April, 2009 - March, 2011)
  • High School: Epicrest High School, Philadelphia, PA (March, 2009)

Professional Experience:

Field Construction Technician: RBTT Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. 3200 College Ave., Pittsburgh, PA
(April, 2013 till date)

  • Supervising the duties and activities of trainee technicians
  • Receiving orders in written format from the higher management and delegating the tasks to the subordinates accordingly
  • Scheduling inspection rounds throughout various departments to check whether all the machinery and tools are in working condition and replacing the damaged ones
  • Creating a detailed report on the tools and machines to be replaced and providing an approximate budget for the same to be authorized by the seniors
  • Maintaining a clear communication forum, where all the workers can raise the issues they are facing with the tools and machinery they use
  • Finding out faster ways to repair machines and identify workarounds, so that the daily production doesn't get impacted
  • Coordinating tasks and duties with the use of handheld radios to provide support in the construction field
  • Liaising with the third party vendors to get original spare parts of various machines to be replaced
  • Arranging workshops on various techniques for using tools and machinery which would keep their wear and tear to a minimum
  • Maintaining logs and reports for the machines repaired for reference and statistical purposes

Field Construction Technician: AMAK Construction Services Pvt. Ltd. 5808 Baum Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA
(April, 2011 to March, 2013)

  • Getting the machines serviced or parts replaced from the original company retailers for the machines which are under warranty
  • Arranging the duties and tasks of subordinate technicians in such a way that the workers are supported at all times in their technical problems
  • Constantly taking feedback from the designated managers and team leads about any tools and machines requiring repairs or replacements
  • Creating a dedicated store room for the parts and machines to be replaced regularly and training the workers of the organization
  • Contacting the original spare parts dealers to provide the spare parts needed to be replaced
  • Attending various technology based shows and expos for getting the latest information about the new tools and machinery being used in the construction business
  • Using advanced radio systems to coordinate and deploy technicians to the departments requiring support
  • Conducting the technical rounds of interview held by the management
  • Educating the workers about the proper use of tools and machinery to avoid breakdowns
  • Analyzing the performance of the workers and machines and drafting detailed reports to the management accordingly


  • "Best Field Construction Technician Award" - Awarded by the senior management for the month of August, 2013 for good service
  • "Best Field Construction Technician Award" - Awarded by the senior construction manager for excellent performance in maintaining the overall machine breakdown percentage to a minimum


Name: Toby D. Ransome
Designation: Construction Manager
Organization: RBTT Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. 3200 College Ave., Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 443-606-4858

Name: Kathleen M. Turk
Designation: Construction Manager
Organization: AMAK Construction Services Pvt. Ltd. 5808 Baum Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 918-494-4716

The candidates can take reference from the above field construction technician resume example and make changes to it as required.

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