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Construction Scheduler Resume

Preparing a resume requires planning. It is necessary to develop the plan by taking the right guidelines into consideration. Writing a resume turns out to be difficult if not understood in a proper way. This construction scheduler resume sample has been specially prepared to help you in writing a resume that gets a job interview. It presents the information in a readable and proper format. The sample takes care of all the resume sections. It will help you to reflect the details of your education, skills, and work experience in the most attractive manner. The job of this resume is to help you in mastering the art of writing a clear and comprehensive resume.

A construction scheduler oversees and manages the construction projects and activities. The main job target is to handle the complete construction project cycle. The job is applicable in construction firms.

The responsibilities of a construction scheduler are managing and overseeing the construction engineering services, developing safe and reliable engineering plans, scheduling work activities of the construction projects, performing equipment installation and building modifications, estimating the project budget, creating cash flow, providing guidelines in key construction activities, developing and implementing the construction scheduling process, checking construction materials, handling project control activities, communicating with the contractors in handling key issues such as lack of resource and budget variance, monitoring the status of the project, preparing master construction plans, forecasting project milestones, scheduling meetings, and following up the procurement.

The role of a construction scheduler demands knowledge of civil engineering practices with sound understanding of construction project management. The educational qualifications required for the position is a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. It is required to be detail oriented and possess excellent communication and management skills.

Jerry Smith
4649 Sunnyside Ave North, Suite 301
Seattle, Washington 98103
Phone: (206) 789-0173

Career Goal:

Skilled, dynamic, and experienced civil engineering professional with demonstrated knowledge of handling construction projects. Seeking a position as a construction scheduler in a renowned organization.

Core Knowledge & Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of civil engineering principles, practices, and standards
  • In-depth knowledge of project management, budget and estimation, and resource and schedule planning
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software packages
  • Strong leadership abilities with excellent communication and decision making skills
  • Familiar with the change management and work break down process
  • Ability to work across cross functional groups with excellent negotiation and problem solving skills

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering, 2009
Washington University, WA

Professional History:

Organization: The Lois Construction, WA
Duration: Jan 2012 till date
Designation: Construction Scheduler

  • Shoulder the responsibility of developing plans to solve the construction issues that affect the goals and objective of the project
  • Take the responsibility of coordinating with the clients on scheduling activities for major construction work
  • Handle the task of the installation of necessary equipment and modification of buildings as a major part of the tasks
  • Perform the responsibility of preparing high level graphic materials for the construction work
  • Handle the job of preparing logistic plans, project budget, and project schedules
  • Execute the task of coordinating with the project team to get the status of the construction work

Organization: Horizon Group, WA
Duration: June 2009 to Dec 2011
Designation: Junior Construction Scheduler

  • Handled the task of providing support to the construction scheduler in developing construction project schedules
  • Shouldered the responsibility of preparing construction graphic materials and cash flow projections under the construction lead
  • Performed the task of preparing site staging plans and estimating the resource requirement for project execution
  • Handled the responsibility of preparing and updating the integrated master program schedule to the chief construction scheduler
  • Performed the task of tracking and updating the schedule variances and schedule impacts

The above resume sample will help you to know about professional resume writing. It updates the required information of the profile. The information is simple and to the point. The sample makes use of fictitious names and addresses. You can develop a resume by following the guidelines given in the sample. Your employer will surely be impressed if you send a resume such as the one provided in the page. The main aim of this sample is to educate the job seekers in writing a resume that succeeds in the highly competitive world. It speaks all about writing a grand and successful resume.

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