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Zen Works Consultant Resume

Everyone needs a resume that makes the employer to contact immediately. The idea is true if one is in a serious job search process. Resume writing is an activity that one cannot skip if he wants to get the interview call for a dream job. On the other side, it is a tedious and challenging activity that requires equal skills and knowledge. A well planned resume is the only tool that can bring the applicants on the right track. Often, it requires a guideline to draft a resume that looks professional from every angle. The below ZENworks consultant resume is an illustrative example of preparing a result-oriented resume.

ZENworks is a software application that is developed by Novell Inc. A ZENworks consultant is a software consultant who manages the lifecycle, functions, and systems of the software. The main job of a ZENworks consultant is to provide support in the application of the software across multiple servers.

The job responsibilities of a ZENworks consultant include managing systems application, upgrading software applications, developing and troubleshooting computer systems, testing software and hardware products, providing technical support in server issues, managing desktop and server configuration systems, developing the design of system architecture, designing implementation procedures of ZENworks solutions, identifying and providing customer requirements, troubleshooting ZENworks environment, coordinating with the engineers in handling product defect issues, reviewing project plans, providing technical support to end users, maintaining software applications, assisting the IT staff in product procurement process, and monitoring the inventory of software products.

ZENworks consultant should be well versed with desktop management and configuration management systems, ZENworks server platforms, windows operating systems, and workstation system management. A bachelor's degree in computer science is required to obtain the position. The job demands excellent troubleshooting, communication, analytical, and presentation skills.

Jannet White 24th Jackson Road, Chicago, Illnois
Phone: 145-742-1120

Objective Goal:

Expertise in desktop and server configuration management, especially in ZENworks products with hands-on experience in managing critical software environment. Seeking the job position of ZENworks consultant in a prestigious organization.

Professional Skills & Abilities:

  • Extensive knowledge of Novell products, agile development environment, and web-based software development technologies
  • In-depth knowledge of enterprise environment, software development methodologies, and configuration of network security
  • Comprehensive knowledge of communication protocols, ZENworks, and multiple operating systems
  • Self-motivated and detail oriented with strong problem solving skills
  • Ability to perform tasks with minimum supervision and strong communication skills

Job History:

Employer: Techno Software, Illnois
Designation: Zen Works Consultant (2012 to Present)

  • Complete the work of upgrading software applications and developing software for enterprise software environment
  • Shoulder the responsibility of developing software for high scalable environment and managing system applications
  • Perform the task of handling customer issues in product application, functionality, and defect
  • Perform the task of integrating the required technologies in the framework as well as reviewing the functionality after running the applications
  • Handle the task of preparing technical documents to provide support to the third party
  • Perform the responsibility of providing the best technical solutions to meet the requirements of the customers

Employer: E-Tech Solutions, Illnois
Designation: Zen Works Consultant -Junior (2010 to 2012)

  • Executed the task of developing test plans for software environments that use ZENworks applications
  • Completed the task of identifying technical problems and recommending solutions for the same
  • Handled the task of coordinating with the software development teams in preparing test plans
  • Performed the responsibility of developing and executing test cases under the instructions of software engineers
  • Executed the work of preparing test automation scripts and test results as well as tracking the software defects
  • Handled the task of providing solutions to customer issues and conducting research on software applications

Educational Qualification:

Bachelor's Degree in Science in Computer Engineering, 2010
Chicago Engineering College, California

Often, job seekers get stuck in the writing process. This resume example will make your resume writing an enjoyable process. It will enable the job seekers to generate ideas in the simplest and effective manner. Begin your writing process by taking reference from the techniques applied in the sample. The aim of this sample is to make a great difference in your job application process. This resume sample will not only help you in getting the right guidelines, but also make you competent enough to develop a resume that gains the interest of the employer.

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