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Web Programmer Resume

It is recommended to do some research about the type of job requirements and the company at the time of your job search. A simple reason for this is that it will help to develop the type of information you need in your resume. Writing a resume is simple once you get familiar with the style and techniques of professional resume writing. The resume illustrated in this page speaks all about preparing a grand resume. It is a tool that you can use to make your resume an effective piece of the job application form. The idea behind this illustration is to help you in framing a winning resume.

A web programmer develops tools, techniques, and methodologies of building complete websites. The job responsibilities of a web programmer include developing web tools and technologies, developing codes for web programs, designing web graphics and maintaining web site content, developing websites for various applications, integrating data in the database system, tracking the efficiency of web tools and systems, debugging system issues, optimizing the website, maintaining the web portal, enhancing program execution by using specific codes, preparing performance metrics report, analyzing and evaluating data processing systems, identifying and debugging software defects, creating standard technical plan specifications, assisting web marketing professionals in web marketing activities, preparing operational documents, integrating software products, and much more.

A web programmer should be well versed with software and programming languages, web tools and technologies, and windows operating systems. A diploma or bachelor's degree in computer engineering is required to apply for the position. Good analytical, troubleshooting, communication, and problem solving skills are some of the necessary skill sets of a web programmer.

Allion Jackson
909 Guy R. Brewer Blvd, Jamaica, New York
Phone: (222)-990-6712


Skilled, dynamic, and professional web programmer with diverse knowledge of software programming and web based applications. Seeking a responsible position of web programmer in a renowned organization.

Core Knowledge & Abilities:

  • Extensive knowledge of web application systems, programming languages, and web technologies
  • In-depth knowledge of desktop application, Microsoft Office Suite, and data management systems
  • Sound knowledge of the practices, methods, and techniques of web programming
  • Excellent communication, analytical, and problem solving skills

Work History:

Organization: Sierra Corporation, New York
Duration: January 2012 till date
Designation: Web Programmer

  • Handle the task of developing tools and techniques for generating innovative software solutions for the company
  • Perform the responsibility of designing software systems and optimizing the database systems
  • Handle the task of creating technical documents and technical plan specifications
  • Shoulder the responsibility of handling the activities of data architecture and system design technologies
  • Execute the task of designing and testing the functionalities of web applications
  • Handle the responsibility of identifying and debugging software defects

Organization: Allien Inc, New York
Duration: April 2009 to December 2011
Designation: Junior Web Programmer

  • Shouldered the responsibility of coordinating with the clients to solve issues in the application of web application systems
  • Performed the task of analyzing and evaluating data processing systems and address programming issues
  • Handled the responsibility of generating web pages by using XML programming and HTML applications
  • Took the responsibility of developing database applications and codes by using .Net technologies and tools
  • Performed the task of providing solutions to meet business goals and objectives

Educational Summary:

Diploma in Computer Science, 2009
University of New York, New York


Will be pleased to provide upon request.

This resume example is to teach you the right way of preparing a great resume. Its aim is to make the job seekers familiar with the concept of resume writing. The assumption of a resume as a tool to get a job is wrong. Well, to clear your mind, the resume is a step implemented to get a job interview, finally leading to the dream job. Resume is a marketing document that should let the employers know the potentialities and capabilities of a candidate at the professional level. It should give an indication that you are a suitable applicant desirable to get a job interview. Every detail in the resume should strike the attention of the reader. The resume that you send across should develop multiple opportunities to seize a job interview. Consider this fine example of preparing a comprehensive job application form and explore new opportunities in your career.

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