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Web Marketing Specialist Resume

A web marketing specialist resume and marketing manager resume have the same kind of format which can be used interchangeably depending on the candidate's need and want.

In this new age of digital media, the older ways of advertising and marketing have been replaced by or shall we say, augmented by the dawn of Internet marketing. This is a new way which is now being used more and more by various companies, both large and small, to market their products online. They have, with the help of the great potential of the Internet, reached to the far ends of the world inhibited by their target audience, as it has been incidentally proven to be the next best marketing platform after the good old television set. In many ways, it has been used by the new age products to reach out to the younger audience who are the actual target audience of web marketing. Through various dedicated web platforms, messages are sent out to various sites in the form of pop-ups, slider ads, and click ads. This (as a result of constant bombarding on the minds and eyes of the Internet users) assumes a place in the minds of the viewers, many a times subconsciously which yields into the recall value of the ad.

The resume of such a professional should have a formal tone and detailed summary of his work experience, relevant skills, and names of the companies for which he has worked till date. Along with this, the applicant must also mention some of his professional achievements related to the same line of work.

Jason Lee
11, North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To secure the position of web marketing specialist and use my skills to capture the attention of my target audience through the power of web and apt strategies.

Profile Summary

  • Rich experience of 7 years in the field of marketing
  • Has performed field work, administration work, and Internet marketing in previous jobs
  • Developed new Internet marketing strategies and initiated dealings with leading sites to market the company products and initiate collaboration with the company
  • Reduced the cost of marketing by 20% in ABC Corp by adopting innovative and cheap yet effective ways
  • Has worked on the developing of platforms for enabling Internet marketing for the company

Skill Set

  • Thorough knowledge of marketing principles and practices
  • Always up-to-date with the competitor's latest strategies
  • Ability to strategize for the online marketing promotion of various brands
  • Good time management skills
  • Ability to work even under pressure situations
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks at a time and complete them successfully too
  • Effective leadership and motivation skills
  • Excellent communication skills for conveying thoughts and messages effectively

Work Experience

ABC Corp
Marketing manager (2011 till Present)

  • Identified key elements to explore through online marketing of the client's brands
  • Worked in perfect coordination with the research and sales team to identify the demand pattern and latest trends in the market
  • Used the web effectively to capture the target audience's frenzy and heightened their interest
  • Trained the staff for generating effective plans and motivating them
  • Collaborated with prestigious clients such as Reebok, BMW, and Gucci for creating interesting online ad campaigns

CVB Marketing Consultancy
Research Analyst- Marketing (2007-2011)

  • Gathering primary and secondary marketing data to conduct research regarding people's preferences – past and present patterns, geographical influences, and market competition
  • Projecting future sales patterns by studying the present market scenario and current marketing strategies in place
  • Collaborating with the field staff and interviewing them about people's reaction to the company products and services
  • Constantly observing the sales variations with every change in strategy and new ads


  • MBA in Marketing (Major in Market Research), New York College of Management Studies, NY, 2007
  • BA in Marketing, New York University, NY, 2005


(In bullet points format, list some of the important professional achievements of your career.)

This is how a web marketing specialist resume is written. Observe the format of this sample carefully and use it in your resume. The sample is divided into separate sections with clear headings, so that the information can be arranged clearly and could be found and understood easily by the reader. A recruiter won't have so much time so as to search for the desired information through the entire length and breadth of your resume; this is the reason why these headings are necessary.

Also, the language of the entire resume has to be simple and accessible. The reader wants to learn about your technical and other skills and not about your vocabulary and other inconsequential (to him) stuff. Use clear communication tools to make a mark on the reader. The resume should neither be too long or too short; just the inclusion of relevant and important information ensures that the right length is achieved. All the best!

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