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Statistician Resume

A statistician resume is written by a person in order to apply for jobs involving the work of data collection and data analysis. Such a branch of work exists in all kinds of industries. The job involves research, collection of data, analysis of the same, and its representation in the form of pie charts and graphs. This information in its quantitative form is to be made available by a statistician, so that the management based on the results could take important future decisions pertaining to marketing, distribution, production, or any other factor.

These statisticians work for clients, taking their data and interpreting it in an easily understandable form with the help of mathematical formulae and logic. The formula and logic behind all this is itself of a complex nature, which the management or client have no time to understand. This is the reason they hire such people with sound knowledge of all these concepts and who could swiftly interpret the data in simple quantitative terms which are easy to understand.

In terms of education, one has to be at least a graduate with strong mathematical skills and logical aptitude. A problem solving attitude is a must here.

While writing a statistician resume, the following points are to be taken into account:

Write with a clear and definite aim - Understand the aim of your resume - which is to impress the reader. This is why, you have to supply the reader with all the impressive and most important information about your professional career until now. Be sure to include any professional achievements of yours in the document along with the names of the well-known clients or companies for whom you have served in the past.

Let it be specific - Are you making sure that your resume is information centric and specific in nature? Write it with regards to the kind of job you are applying for at present. If it is a statistician's job in an IT company then include details of all your important work done for IT clients till date.

Proofread it properly - It is important that you filter out the mistakes from your resume and correct them before sending it to the recruiter. Presence of any kind of mistake in it will only hamper your chances of getting the job.

Bullet points - In all the sections, use bullet points to mention the details of your profile. This will help in formulating short and crisp sentences.

Here is a statistician resume sample for your reference.

Martin Ross
21 Maryland Rd
Bellmore, NY 11710
(516) 787-8856

Career Objective:

To secure the position of statistician in a leading IT company and contribute with the help of my experience and skills towards data representation, thus enabling the management to take its decisions effectively based on quantitative facts.

Profile Summary:

  • Rich experience of 5 years in the IT industry, serving as a data statistician and hardware engineer in leading companies
  • Worked for well-known clients such as V-Commerce and LED Technologies
  • Received a letter of appreciation from LED Technologies' vice president
  • Specialized in IT related data analysis and representation

Key Skills:

  • Excellent skills for the management of data and ability to perform multitasking
  • Excellent in data research and collation of the same for analytical reviewing
  • Efficient team player
  • Sound knowledge of mathematical formulae and analytical procedures
  • Strong analytical skills for formulating trends and performance forecasts

Work Summary:

XYZ Computers, New York
Statistician- Marketing

  • Analyzing the market data related to products and services
  • Representing the customers' views in numbers about the clients' products and services
  • Collecting and interpreting the data of region-wise sale
  • Monitoring the numbers over a period of time and reporting the same to the management
  • Presenting the work reports in front of the management

ABC Technologies, Utah
Hardware Engineer

  • Recipient of the 'Best Employee' award in 2010
  • Managed statistics processes and interpreted the results in simple quantitative form for the department manager
  • Worked on prediction reports on product performance in various market conditions
  • Recommended various alternatives based on numbers to the management

Educational Qualifications:

  • Graduation in Commerce from University of Utah, UT, 2009
  • High School from Denn High School, UT, 2006


(Fill this section suitably with your professional achievements.)

This is how you write an effective and well structured statistician resume. Remember the guidelines provided here and help yourself to embrace the best opportunities of your career.

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